23 July 2024
Kim Sae Ron

Kim Sae-Ron is a renowned South Korean actress who is widely known for her beauty and acting skills. However, her name is highlighted on the web and raises several questions. Recent reports claim that Kim Sae Ron changed her profession from acting. Have you heard about her new profession? Well, this page is going to delve into Kim Sae Ron’s latest update. This is not the first time when she gained worldwide recognition through her work. Her tradition is catching the attention of the viewers. What’s her new work? If you are looking for the same then this page is for you. If you want to know the complete information regarding the same go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Kim Sae Ron Takes on New Role as Cafe Manager

The details hit about Kim Sae Ron a day ago about her new profession which left her fans exlopred. Is she leaving her acting career? As per the reports, she starts working as a cafe manager in place of acting. Yes, you are reading right, she transformed from an actress to a cafe manager. The report came on July 2, 2024, which was confirmed by the media. The topic is becoming the biggest discussion topic for her fans. She is a big name in the South Korean entertainment world. However, her latest transformation left her fans shocked. Well, we can’t judge anyone from their work. Let’s take a look in detail about Ron’s recent work. As per the revealed data, she is working at a café in Seongsu-dong as a manager. She joined the cafe as a full-time staff member. There is no doubt to say that she is also part of several serious controversial parts. One of the most highlighted controversies is marked in May 2022. On the day, she was in a state of heavy alcohol or driving under the influence. This caused of terrible accident in which several things were affected such as transformers, guard rails, and street trees. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

May 18, 2022, is marked as Kim Sae Ron’s one of the worst days as she was involved in a serious accident. The horrific incident happened near the Hakdong Intersection in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. After the incident, she was caught by the police who sent her for the test. The medical report confirmed the alcohol availability which was 0.2%. She faced massive controversy and was also trolled by the netizens due to her negligence. After a long time, she made her strong comeback with Netflix’s web series “Bloodhounds”. To cover all the hate from the netizens, she made her appearance in the 2023 web series. However, her recent work is coming out as a piece of surprising news for her several fans. Soe is a great actor who acted in several hits and super blockbuster movies, web series, and albums. Meanwhile, her recent news has created a void for the fans. Learn more in the next section.

If we talk about the career of Kim Sae-Ron, is a renowned South Korean actress who started her career when she was only 9 years old. She began her journey at a very young age and now she is a big name in the entertainment world. As of now, she worked in 12 movies, 15 television series, 5 web series, and hosted 1 show. Before 2022, she appeared in several movies and web series after the incident her availability in the industry was deceased. On the other side, Everyday We Are is an upcoming film by Kim Sae Ron will play the character of Han Yeo-wool. Apart from her career, several people are still amazed to hear about her full-time work as a safe manager. Keep following for more updates.

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