21 July 2024

The K-pop idols always remain connected with their fans no matter how old they are, professional artists show their affection for everyone regardless of their age group and gender.

In the realm of K-Pop, some artists have publicly shown extra affection towards the children and their little fans. Over the years, many K-pop artists have interacted with their fans during music shows and fan meetings where the artists are publicly attuned to children during their performances.

Thus, we have prepared a list of some K-pop artists who are fond of children. In this article, we are going to discuss the K-pop idols who have shown affection for the kids and excelled in babysitting and childcare. Let’s explore this interesting research and discuss the K-pop artists who have shown their love for children. Swipe down the page.

The first name that comes to the list is ATEEZ’s Wooyoung who often gets along with children. There have been many instances when Wooyoung was seen surrounded by all the kids. It is speculated that Wooyoung is slightly more tilted toward the little fans because he has a younger brother who made him attuned to kids.

If we have to name a K-pop artist who loves spending time with children and interacting with little fans it is ATEEZ member Wooyoung.

The next on the list is RIIZE’s Anton who is said to be a very gentle and kind-hearted person with the children. It has been felt that Anton attracts children like a magnet. There is an incident when the entire RIIZE group is surrounded by kids but most of the children are with Anton.

It is because kids feel comfortable and friendly with Anton. Throughout the show, the kids cling to him. BTS’s Jimin is also claimed to be a kid-friendly artist. Fans have noticed that Jimin’s eyes sparkle whenever he sees any kid fan. He also has been seen several times clicking pictures with kid fans. Nevertheless, several pictures of BTS’s Jimin having lovely moments with kids also have been featured in his song Smeraldo Garden Marching Band.

Jessi is also said to be a kid-friendly K-pop idol. She has been referred to as one of the most soft-hearted and kindest K-pop stars of the current time. She does not only have a sweetheart for little fans but she also treasures her junior fans a lot.

Several times Jessi has publicly said that she would want children of her own. The fans have referred to her as the happiest aunt as she loves to interact with kids

Shotaro, Another RIIZE member is on the list of kid-friendly K-pop idols. He has excelled in babysitting and childcare as he always remains enthusiastic and energetic toward kids. Seventeen’s Mingyu shares a good bond with his little fans.

The affection of Seventeen member Mingyu for the kids came to light through his younger sister who has lauded him several times for how great he is as an older sibling. Mingyu has been seen several times enjoying times with babies.

BTS’s V is also quite popular for being connected with his young fans. There was an incident when an ARMY brought along her child during a fan meeting where V kept holding the child throughout the event, showing his love and feelings for children. In addition, V also has publicly claimed that he wants to be a great father. Thus, it is expected that V would be a great babysitter and child caretaker. Stay tuned with us.

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