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Ex-minister Nagmani’s big announcement, no revolver rifle license if my government is formedNews WAALI

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Since it is license free in America, there is no crime there.

It is necessary for every Kushwaha to have a rifle or a gun in his house.
Strange formula given to fix deteriorating law and order situation in Bihar

Patna : Former Union Minister and National President of Shoshit Samaj Party Nagmani has given a strange formula to bring Bihar’s degenerate law and order back on track. He has said that if my government is formed, the license of rifle, revolver and gun will be made free for all. He also said if there is no money, sell the land and buy a gun.
Say the assembly elections in Bihar will be held in 2025, but all the parties have already started preparing for the assembly elections in their own way. Meanwhile, Nagmani has given the most special assurance so far to the people of Bihar and especially to the Kushwaha community to form his government in the state. Nagmani has said the day his party government will be formed in Bihar, on that day all the people will be made capable for their own security. For this, a rifle, revolver or gun license is issued to every person who wishes it.
Nagmani said during a program that the law and order situation in Bihar is very bad. Murders happen here often. He said that the people of the Kushwaha community have been killed the most. Any emerging leader of the emerging Kushwaha brotherhood is killed. More than 50 Kushwaha leaders have been killed in the past year. That is why it is necessary for every Kushwaha to have a rifle or a gun in his house. He said if there is no money, then it is fine to sell the farm but you must buy a rifle.
Quoting America, former Union Minister Nagmani said that the rifle and gun license is free there. In such a situation, there is no crime there. He said that when one knows that the other person also has a gun, he will never attack. This will keep crime in balance. That is why if you have a rifle in your hand and I have a rifle too, then no one will shoot for fear of losing his life. Instead of trusting this government or administration, it is more important to be prepared for your own safety. He also claimed that he has four rifles in his house because no one dares to pee on him.
Nagmani also recommended that his formula should be implemented throughout the country. He promised that it would be implemented in Bihar and wherever in the country the field of work of his government would be formed. In response to a question, Nagmani said that this facility would be given to people of all castes, religions and sects. But, the Kushwaha community needs more. That is why the people of Kushwaha community have to keep a gun in their house no matter what.

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