19 July 2024

With a day remaining in the release of Enhypen’s second album “Romance: Untold”, the album has already surpassed the milestone of 2.2 million copies sold in pre-orders, showing an incredible craze among the fans. As Romance: Untold has crossed 2.2 million copies in the pre-orders, it is being speculated that this album will emerge as the biggest hit in the career of the popular South Korean group “Enhypen”. The pre-orders sales of Romance: Untold have increased the buzz of the album to an extent among the fans, ahead of its official release date. Do you know when Enhypen’s Romance: Untold will be released? Several questions related to Enhypen’s upcoming second album must be swirling in your mind. If yes, this article is for you. We have tried to cater to all the queries related to Enhypen’s second album, by discussing all the imperative and essential points of their second album. Stick with this page and go through the article to the end. Drag down the page.

Enhypen’s Second Album ‘Romance: Untold’

A report shared by distributor CJ ENM on Thursday, July 11, 2024, claimed the upcoming second full album of Enhypen titled “Romance: Untold” has crossed the mark of 2.2 million copies as of 2 PM KST, indicating the unbelievable craze among the fans. To note, 2.2 million copies in pre-orders is the highest number in the history of the group. Surprisingly, the group witnessed a double-million-selling trend for the first time when it released its mini-album titled Orange Blood which was their fifth mini-album.

Thus, the fans have set higher expectations with the second full album of Enhypen. Even many have speculated that Romance: Untold will break many records and achieve new milestones after its release. The growing buzz for their second full album ahead of its release is a good sign for the group “Enhypen”. With the release of Romance: Untold, Enhypen can further robust its popularity among fans and emerge as a new powerhouse in the K-pop industry. Last year when Enhypen released its fifth mini-album Orange Blood, it witnessed double-million-selling figures for the first time and established itself as a double-million-selling artist in the vast landscape of K-pop.

In pre-orders, their second full album Romance: Untold has recorded the highest ever numbers in the history of Enhypen’s career with a day remaining in the release. Speaking of the release date of their second full album, it is scheduled to be officially dropped on Friday, July 12, 2024, at 1 PM KST or 12 AM EST. Reportedly, all the members of Enhypen have participated in creating Romance: Untold. For the unversed, famous South Korean boy group Enhypen is composed of seven members, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-ki. Reportedly, all of them have either participated in writing and composing or producing the songs of their second full album Romance: Untold which is all set to be all yours on July 12, 2024, Friday, at 1 PM KST. Continue reading this article and learn more about Romance: Untold album.

The title track of Romance: Untold will be XO (Only If You Say Yes). There will be a total number of 10 tracks in the album, including “Moonstruck”, “XO (Only If You Say Yes)”, “Your Eyes Only”, “Hundred Broken Hearts”, “Brought The Heat Back”, “Paranormal”, “Royalty”, “Highway 1009”, “XO (Only If You Say Yes) (English Version)” (feat. JVKE), and  “Highway 1009 (Narr Version)” On May 14, 2024, a Korean news agency reported that Enhypen would release a new album on July 12. On June 17, the group released a logo motion video for their second full-length album Romance: Untold. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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