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enforcement directorate, relief to Mushrif, to appear at ED office tomorrow; Accused of running away from the back door – ncp leader hasan mushrif will appear at the ed office tomorrowNews WAALI

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m. Ta. Representative, Kolhapur

The leader of the National Party, MLA Hasan Mushrif, was relieved by the High Court on Monday. The court ordered that no one should be arrested against them for two weeks. Meanwhile, Mushrif appeared at the ED office for questioning in the evening, but the questioning could not take place due to the absence of officers. He has been called again on Wednesday. He has made it clear that whenever he is called by the ED, he will appear and cooperate with the investigation.

MLA Hasan Mushrif is currently on ED’s radar. His home has been robbed three times so far. The district bank where he is chairman is also being investigated. The ED had called him after raiding his home in Kagal on Saturday. After that he was unreachable for 52 hours. He came to Kagal’s residence on Monday. Through the lawyer he asked the ED to extend the time to appear. In the meantime, he went to court against the action.

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Mushrif fled through the back door, alleged Samarjit Ghatge

BJP district president, Samarjit Ghatge has accused MLA Hasan Mushrif that the court gave him a blow instead of relief. He also revealed that he was in the house during the ED operation and escaped through the back door as soon as it happened. the raid.

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Ghatge told reporters that Mushrif had been summoned by the ED and had gone to court seeking a stay. He had not gone to the ED office willingly. They had gone after being instructed by the court. So they got no relief, because they didn’t get the relief they had gone to court for.

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Ghatge said that after the ED raided Mushrif’s Kagal home on Saturday, he fled through the back door. Why was he unreachable after 52 hours. The two ran away leaving the women of the house alone, he also asked if the person who leaves the housemates in the wind would leave the voters and the farmers in the wind. CA Mushrif Questioning whether Mahesh Gurav is escaping or has been escaped, he said, this matter is very serious.
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