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Driver dies after truck accidents at Amboli Ghat – Tarun BharatNews WAALI

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Driver dies after truck accidents at Amboli ghat

Reporter/ Amboli:
In the main gorge of Amboli Ghat, the truck carrying sawdust fell into a deep gorge, the driver Shankar Manohar Patil 28 years old. Nandgarh Dist. Belgaon died on the spot in the early hours of Sunday morning. The information about this was given to the Amboli police around 11.30 Sunday morning by the workers who were making nets for the cracks in the Ghat.
Deceased Shankar Manohar Patil always used to transport rice from Malvan to Belgaum in a truck owned by Basu Naik.As usual he loaded rice from Malvan on Saturday night and left Malvan late at night and came to Amboli Ghat in the morning Sunday. fell, the truck coming towards Belgaum went straight down in the ghat. It was slightly visible after the truck fell so information was obtained or otherwise information was difficult to obtain. At Amboli Ghat, the work of putting nets in the places of dangerous cracks has been going on for the last month and on that occasion these workers come to the ghat from Amboli every day, so they’ n know this way, protective walls.
On Monday morning, while these workers were coming to work, they found themselves falling under the main gorge, four and a half km from Amboli towards Sawantwadi. In the distance, he saw a broken piece on the side of the ghat, so he bent down and saw the truck down. He immediately told the news to Thane Ambaldar Havaldar Dattatray Desai of Amboli Police District. At this point, without a moment’s delay, say goodbye to your partner. Co. Rajesh Naik was taken to the spot and confirmed. And the elderly were informed about the incident.
This time the Babel Almey Almeida team to descend on the ghat.

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