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Don’t neglect office etiquette… | Don’t neglect office etiquette… | Article by Team MadhurimaNews WAALI

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Madhurima team21 hours ago

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Along with office work, many people start to share their personal life as well or spoil the relationship with a colleague by expressing an opinion. All these things become obstacles in career and development. So always take care of some things in the workplace, so that one can focus on work and move towards progress.

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Focus on work Everyone needs to focus only on their work at work. Don’t waste time trying to figure out what the other spouse is doing or what responsibilities have been assigned to him. Focusing on how to improve work, how to work on new ideas, will develop your career and learn many new things. Take 15-20 minutes each day to evaluate your work. Meanwhile, think about what you want to see in yourself, what things you want to work on, how we can improve ourselves and work. Keep all information related to your work.

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Keep home and work separate Always remember that the office is not your home. Leave stress, anxiety, irritation outside the house and come inside. If we do not do this, we will not be able to fulfill our responsibility properly in both places. Leave the worries at home before coming to the office. So you will be able to work diligently. Yes, sometimes you can share office experiences with family members, but don’t share problems and stress.

Don’t talk behind your back. This is wrong. Don’t discuss a person if they are not there. If he is honest, discuss it in front of him. Because what you say, the other person may interpret it differently. The habit of talking face to face saves you from many problems and people also like this habit of yours.

Share thoughtfully The sooner you realize that no one can help you solve your personal problems. He can advise. But, giving information about your personal life to others will not solve the problem. There is also a risk that you cannot guarantee that the person you are talking to about your personal life will keep what you tell yourself.

If there is any kind of difficulty or problem at work, you can definitely talk to your colleagues or your manager about it. But, this matter should be official only. It should not be about your personal life. Never form an opinion If you are new in the office or if someone is new, don’t form an opinion about that person based on what others say or their body language. One thing to remember is that we are going to work in an office, not to form a personal opinion about someone. If your colleague expresses his opinion about someone, he has an ideology. Do not adopt such a thought or make it your own, because every person is different, everyone’s understanding of it may be different. So avoid making such judgments and focus on working together as a happy, great team.

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