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Do you suffer from gaslighting? | Do you suffer from gaslighting? | Article by Team MadhurimaNews WAALI

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Madhurima team15 hours ago

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Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse. It is emotional abuse by partners in a relationship ie husband, wife or close friend. When there is a burden of expectations, unnecessary restrictions, illegal behavior etc. in a relationship. When things happen, it has a profound effect on a person’s mental health. A few things to consider, how gas light is made and its effects can be explored.

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A Confidence Shake Sufferers of ‘gas lighting’ are often told that they can never make the right decisions. In every decision they make, mistakes are made at work. Because of this, the victim’s confidence begins to shake. And this is what the bully takes advantage of. Cultivating guilt In a relationship, if the partner does not listen, if there is a disagreement over something, the other person is made to feel guilty. Like, “If I had something to say, this wouldn’t have happened..”

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It also includes making false promises or showing someone unrealistic dreams in the name of duty. Eg Make big promises before marriage but make them act according to their heart after marriage. Restrictions etc.

Taking advantage of sympathy is another major cause of gaslighting. These include emotional blackmail and demanding money, complaining about loneliness, pretending to be sad, and crying for sympathy. In such a case, the other person takes care of you and makes you think that he is yours and loves you. Symptoms of ‘Gaslighting’ People who suffer from gaslighting are afraid to express their feelings. Takes responsibility for all mistakes. They believe we should apologize every time. So whoever is to blame. They constantly feel that their decisions are wrong. Therefore, such people leave their decisions on what the other person says. Victims of ‘gaslighting’ are always confused about what the other person will say to them if they make a mistake. Such individuals find it difficult to meet everyone’s expectations. Remedies for ‘Gas Lighting’… { Resist unethical behavior : People may deliberately make you look guilty. They will always try to find your mistakes in everything. But, victims of gaslighting should not blame themselves for anything immoral or wrong. Such persons should not try to do anything beyond their physical and mental limits.

{ Don’t Accept Behavior Change : The behavior of harassers towards individuals who suffer such situations is questionable. Gaslight abuses victims in the morning. In the evening they give presents, and sometimes pretend to care after insulting the victims. However, victims of gaslighting should keep both hands off the perpetrators. { Believe in yourself : Remember, that your decision whether it is right or wrong; It will be yours. So whatever you do, do it with confidence. Don’t rely on other people’s advice.

{ Talk about the problem : State your problem to the other person in a clear and simple language and manner. However, if the other person continues to gaslight, then you should decide according to the situation.

{ Understanding Intentions: Good behavior always comes from good intentions as well as bad intentions. Pay attention to people’s behavior and intentions. Understand the motivations behind the behavior and decide your own behavior accordingly.

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