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Do this quickly to protect against infections and diseases, it will be beneficial – News18 LokmatNews WAALI

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Mumbai, March 15: Sheetala Ashtami fast is considered very important in Hinduism. It is also known as Basoda. Sheetala Ashtami festival is celebrated for 2 days. On Saptami day many types of food are prepared by worshiping Shitala Mata and on Ashtami Tithi old cold food is offered to Shitala Mata. Along with this, only old food is eaten on this day.

Do not do these activities on Sheetala Saptami and Ashtami at all, know what will be auspicious

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Shila prasad for mother

Fresh food is not prepared at home on the day of Shitala Ashtami Puja. Instead, it is a tradition to eat old food on this day. So to please the goddess Sita, ancient things are offered to her. That is why this fast of Sheetala Saptami or Ashtami is called Basoda in North India.

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Actually summer starts from this day, so eating old food causes many health problems. The condition is getting worse. Food spoils quickly due to heat.

Doing this fast pleases Goddess Sheeta and the fasting person’s family does not get fever, infections, eye diseases. Along with this, Sheeta’s mother teaches her to live cleanly. Sheeta’s mother’s vehicle is a donkey and in her hands are an urn, soup, broom, neem leaves.

Story of Sheetla Mata Vrat

Once a woman in the village was a devotee of Sheetala Mata and used to do Vrat to Sheetala Mata. But no one else in their village worshiped Shitala Mata. Once a fire broke out in the village and all the houses were burnt. But nothing happened in the faithful house of Sheetala Mata. After this everyone started worshiping Sheetala Mata.

(Note: The information given here is based on religious belief. There is no scientific evidence for this. News 18 Lokmat does not guarantee it.)

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