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Digital Pakistan By Dr. Imran Batada Launched at IOBMNews WAALI

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Digital Pakistan By Imran Batada, MD started at IOBM

KARACHI: The book “Digital Pakistan” was launched by Dr. Imran Batada at the Institute of Business Management (IOBM), Karachi on Saturday.

The book offers policymakers, industry professionals, and students a complete digital media guide to advance, transform, and contribute to Pakistan’s GDP. Dr. Ishrat Husain, Former Governor of State Bank of Pakistan was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

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Fahd Haroon, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Public Communications and Digital Platforms was also present at the event. Haroon has extensive experience holding government offices covering a wide range of strategic, media and public relations areas.

Dr. Imran Batada, a respected professional whose career spans over 20 years locally and internationally, currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer and Director of the Center for Information Technology (CIT) at IOBM.

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The speakers at the book launch ceremony highly appreciated his efforts in writing the book which presents a holistic view and insight on the best way to use digital media in Pakistan. The panelists were of the opinion that digital media is the future.

This book will provide a road map for industry leaders, policy makers, and especially students and freelancers to expand their mental horizons regarding the nature and operation of digital media and how best to use its various elements for personal and professional growth. The book is one of the many books published by IOBM. The guests appreciated how IOBM facilitates its faculty members in the book publishing process.

In his welcome address, Talib Karim, President, IOBM said: “This year IOBM has launched two books. The first one was by Dr Shahida Wizarat, which was launched in February. Dr. Book Imran Batada is the second in the series.

Dr. Imran has done an amazing job in motivating IOBM to have a paperless environment. We are in the process of developing a campus management software and have successfully started a digital marketing diploma in IOBM mainly to facilitate freelancers. This book is a collection of his articles over many years.”
In his speech, the Chief Guest, Dr. Ishrat Hussain, his opinion stating: “I admire his efforts to compile his articles in the form of a book. Reading books has become a rare commodity.

We have become compulsive readers of 14 words. We should set aside time to read articles and understand their content. Bringing articles on different subjects in one book is a commendable step. I congratulate Talib Karim for supporting this project.”

Fahd Haroon also praised the book and said: “This work by Dr. Imran is a timely and important contribution to the ongoing discussion on digital Pakistan.

Digitization has the potential to revolutionize our business and communication while also bringing the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. As public office holders, it is our duty to ensure that digital platforms are used for restrictive activities.”

Speaking to the media, Dr. Imran Batada, “The book, Digital Pakistan, emphasizes the importance of digitization for the future of Pakistan. We need to embrace digitization, invest in our digital infrastructure, and build an ecosystem that fosters growth, innovation, and prosperity.

The world is heading towards a digital future, and we cannot afford to be left behind. The time has come for Pakistan to embrace digitization and use it to its full potential”.

Among those who attended the event were eminent professionals including Ashfaque Ahmed, Head of Digital, BankIslami Pakistan Ltd., Shaukat Ali Khan, Global Chief Information Officer, Aga Khan University, Tabasum Abid, IT Director and Chief Technical Officer, Sindh Police, Hussein Hassanali , GM, Head of IT Audit, Habib Bank Limited, Iftikhar Arif, General Manager IT and E-commerce, Muller & Phillips Pakistan; and Sohaib Hassan, Co-Founder of Brand & Media Learning Hub.

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