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Dhule: And… the river that has been closed for ten years began to flowNews WAALI

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Patchari in Borkund- Dondwad Shivara was closed for almost a decade. As Indubai Bhadane Pratishthan has taken the first step to deepen and expand this Patchari, this Patchari has started flowing. He got the support of Dondwad farmers. In just 10 days, this 5.8 km long Patchari will be repaired and the water will be released, which will help solve irrigation problem in the area. The farmers of Borkund-Dondwad area have expressed their satisfaction.

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On behalf of Indubai Bhadane Pratishthan, working towards sustainable development, strong efforts are being made to bring water to farmers’ dams. In order to widen and deepen drains and patchari in Bori Pattaya, Indubai Bhadane Foundation always lends a helping hand. This work was done. The patchari which supplies water to the farmers in the irrigation area from Purmepada canal, from Borkund patchari to Dondwad Shivara left due to lack of repair for the last ten years. Even after the farmers followed up with the government from time to time, this patchari repair work was not done. As the government was not using the courtiers, finally the beneficiary farmers met the president of Indubai Bhadane Foundation Balasaheb Ravan Bhadane and expressed their grief about this patchari. There was an immediate way out of this and as usual Pratishthan extended the help. A JCB machine was made available on behalf of the foundation for deepening and widening the said Patchari. The beneficiary farmers of Dondwad had also registered public participation. And in just 10-11 days, this 5.80 km long Patchari was repaired. Two days ago in this Patchari, water was released from the main canal of Purmepada dam. This will help with irrigation. There is an atmosphere of happiness among the farmers of Borkund and Dondwad area and satisfaction is being expressed from the area. Boripattaya, this time, has once again proved how public good deeds can be achieved through public participation. In this regard, the farmers of Dondwad and the Indubai Bhadane Foundation are appreciated everywhere.

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