21 June 2024
Delhi-Jammu Highway Accident

Shock waves are blowing from the Delhi-Jammu National Highway where a deadly accident took place today morning, resulting in several deaths and several injuries. The reports that surfaced on the desk claimed that the accident happened on the Delhi to Jammu expressway on Friday morning, May 24, 2024, involving a mini-bus and a truck. Devastatingly, seven people lost their lives in this crash and several people got injured seriously. Friday morning people woke up with this tragic news headline as the victims were on their way to Vaishno Devi. The pilgrimage got involved in a devastating accident, leaving the whole nation in sorrow and pain. What were the actual circumstances surrounding the accident? All the updates from the preliminary investigation in this matter, have been poured in this article. Kindly follow up on this column till the end. Swipe down.

The early reports claim that the accident happened between a mini-bus carrying pilgrimages of a family and a truck on the Delhi-Jammu National Highway. Furthermore, the mini-bus was reportedly heading toward Jammu on the Delhi-Jammu National Highway, while carrying more than 30 members of a family going to Vaishno Devi. As per the reports, the family of more than 30 members going on a pilgrimage to Jammu for ‘Vaishno Devi’s darshan’ belongs to Bulandshahr, UP. Unfortunately, the family lost its 7 beloved family members in the accident. Around 20 family members were left seriously injured in this crash.

Speaking of the crash, it happened near Ambala when the mini-bus carrying over 30 members of a family, starting its journey from Bulandshahr to Jammu. After the preliminary investigation, the reports claimed that the mini-bus rammed into the truck driving ahead of it. A person who witnessed the accident on the Delhi-Jammu National Highway in Ambala said the accident took place because the driver of the truck pushed brakes suddenly while the mini-bus was in flow behind it. The mini-bus failed to avoid the collision despite stiff efforts by the drivers who slammed the brakes which caused the mini-bus to ram into the truck from behind. As the driver could not halt the vehicle in time, it crashed into the truck driving ahead of it on the expressway. As the impact of the crash was severe and too high, the mini-bus was mangled from the collision with the truck.

As of now, the names of the victims who died in this crash have not been revealed by the authorities. But one person who survived the traumatic crash in which seven people of the same family lost their lives, identified as Dheeraj said that a car was traveling ahead of the truck, which suddenly changed its lane and made a turn for a petrol pump due to which the truck driver had to slam his breaks suddenly but the mini-bus traveling behind the truck could not stop even after sudden breaks and rammed into the truck, causing casualties at the spot. Dheeraj said, “A car in front of the truck suddenly made a turn at a petrol pump after which the truck driver slammed his brakes. Our bus was behind it and was unable to stop in time,”

The investigation report claimed that 3 out of seven family members were pronounced dead at the scene while the remaining four family members were pronounced dead at the hospital while receiving treatment. Other 20 members of the family traveling in the mini-bus, are in serious condition and being treated for their injuries at different hospitals. The driver of the truck escaped the scene and abandoned his vehicle which had been seized.

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