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HomeIndiaDay after tomorrow nominations start- Dinamani News WAALI

Day after tomorrow nominations start- Dinamani News WAALI

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Day after tomorrow nominations start- Dinamani

Congress president election field is heated. While Sonia and Rahul are not contesting, senior party leaders Ashok Khelat and Sasi Tharoor are contesting.
Elections have been announced on October 17 to choose the full-time president of the Congress party. The election notification is published on Thursday (September 22).
Khelat consultation with Sonia: While Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are not interested in contesting this election, senior leader Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Khelat, Sasi Tharoor M.P. are showing interest in competing.
In this case, Ashok Khelat met Sonia Gandhi in Delhi on Wednesday. At that time, the party leader is said to have consulted with him about contesting the elections.
Earlier, in an interview given to reporters on arrival in Delhi, he said: I have held various responsibilities for the last 40-50 years. Rank is not important to me; I am ready to accept any responsibility given by the party.
Not only the Nehru-Gandhi family but also many Congress workers across the country have faith in me. Lucky to have their love. I am fulfilling the responsibility given to me as Chief Minister of Rajasthan. He said he will continue to do so.
While the Udaipur conference resolution of the Congress had insisted on “One post for one in the party”, Gehlot was asked about this and his reply was:
It applies only when a person is appointed to a party post by the superior. Election of Congress president is not like that. A general election where anyone can contest from among the 9,000 state committee members. Its candidate can be an MP or an MLA or even a minister, he said.
Responding to a question about senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor also showing interest in contesting the election of the Congress president, Gehlot said that if there is a contest in the election of the president, it is good for the internal democracy of the party. When Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah and Natta assumed the post of BJP president, it was not discussed much. But the media is talking big about the election of the Congress president. That said, we are lucky.
Sasitharur: Sasi Tharoor personally met Congress Central Election Committee Chairman Madhusudhan Mistry in Delhi on Wednesday and inquired about all the procedures related to the elections.
Earlier, Shashi Tharoor met Congress president Sonia Gandhi last Monday. Tharoor then told him about his decision to contest the elections.
“Sonia, no need for Rahul’s approval”
It has been officially announced by the Congress that the approval of the party’s interim president Sonia Gandhi and her son and MP Rahul Gandhi is not required to contest the Congress president election.
Jairam Ramesh, general secretary of the All India Congress and in-charge of the party’s communications department, told reporters in Kochi on Wednesday: “Anyone can come forward to contest the Congress president election.” They should have the support of 10 Congress functionaries at the state level. No consent of Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi is required for contesting elections or filing nomination papers.
At the same time, a section of the party said that everyone should consult and choose the party leader unanimously. This was also the opinion of late senior leader Kamaraj. At the same time, if there is no consensus, holding an election would be a great decision.
The India Unity Walk has a day off on Friday (September 23). Rahul Gandhi is going to Delhi on that day. It is wrong to say that he is going to file his nomination for the presidential election. He said he is going to meet Sonia Gandhi who is suffering from ill health.
“Trying to win Rahul’s consent”
Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Khelat has said that he is ready to contest for the post of Congress President and said that he will make a last ditch effort to convince Rahul Gandhi to accept the post of Congress President.
“If Rahul undertakes India Unity Walk as Congress president, it will shed new light on the party,” he said.
Senior party leader and former Union Minister Salman Khurshid expressed the same opinion. He said in Bengaluru on Wednesday: We want the Congress president to be elected unanimously without competition. Various state Congress committees are passing resolutions urging Rahul Gandhi to accept the post of president. This is the general sentiment among volunteers. It is our hope that Rahul Gandhi will accept our request and accept the post of President.
“Whoever becomes leader is Rahul’s puppet”
The BJP has said that Ashok Khelat and Shashi Tharoor will be Rahul Gandhi’s puppets.
In this regard, BJP spokesperson in Delhi Tom Vadakan said: Rahul Gandhi’s walk should be called a corruption solidarity walk. Because the walk has started from Kanyakumari with the support of DMK, an ally of Congress in the 2G scam.
Rahul Gandhi did not condemn the Delhi Aam Aadmi government’s excise policy abuses. Because the illegal excise policy was implemented in Kerala even during the Congress coalition government. That is what AAP has copied.
Nothing is going to change with the election of the leader in the Congress party. He said that Ashok Khelat and Shashi Tharoor, whosoever became party leaders, would remain Rahul Gandhi’s puppets.

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