19 July 2024
Darshan thoogudeepa

Once again, the Renuka Swamy Muder case is becoming a discussion topic on the web. The Indian actor Darshan and his partner Pavitra Gowda are facing the serious murder charges of Renuka Swamy. Since this news was announced, it made the headlines and circulated on the internet surface. The Renuka Swamy murder case is not frozen yet. Unfortunately, Renuka Swamy is no more. Initially, it was reported that 10 individuals were arrested in this case and now the news is coming that the Indian actress Pavitra Gowda has also been arrested by the police in the murder case of Renuka Swamy. On the other side, the reports also claim that Pavitra Gowda lures Renuka Swamy to get his location and house address. She did so through her social media platform. If you want to know the complete information regarding the same go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Every day, new details are coming regarding the murder case of Renuka Swamy. Still, this case is catching much attention and the families of the victims are demanding justice. This is not the first time when Darshan stuck in illegal cases. However, this time his crime left everyone shocked and in disbelief. It has been reported that he was murdered by Darshan and his aides. Darshan is married but still, but he is in an extra affair with Pavitra Gowda. Furthermore, let us inform you that Renuka Swamy was a 33-year-old man who worked at an Apollo Pharmacy branch which is located in Chitradurga. In addition, the police authority discovered his dead body at Sumanahalli Bridge Bengaluru. It is the allegation that the late 33-year-old man Renuka Swamy was sent obscene messages to the wife of Darshan. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

From the start, the late Renuka Swamy used to send obscene messages to the partner of Darshan, Pavitra through the social media platform. After that, Pavitra confirmed the behavior of Renuka to Darshan. Darshan took the words seriously and decided to kill him. He first kidnapped the late Renuka and beat him till he died. After the investigation, the police officers discovered the dead body of Renuka on June 9, 2024. After two days, on June 11, Darshan was arrested by the Bengaluru police. After that, back-to-back people started arrested who were involved in this case. As of now, 17 people are taken into custody for the investigation in which Pavithra is also included. The report claims that Vijayalakshmi the wife of Darshan and his partner Pavithra Gowda were in a heated argument on the social media platform. Therefore, the fans of Darshan are divided into two different parts. The supporters of Vijayalakshmi started commenting on Pavithra’s post in which Renuka was also involved. He created his account with the name “Gautam”. Scroll down the page to know more in detail.

Furthermore, through Gautam’s name account, Renuka used to send photos of his private parts and asked Pavithra for a physical relationship with him. After 1 week of investigation, the cops confirmed that Pavithra was the first person who hit Renuka before his passing. She enticed Renuka with his words and his location was revealed. After that, she hit the victim and took him to Darshan’s place. The murder case of Renuka is still a hot topic as the police department is still investigating the case. In addition, through Instagram chatting, Pavithra shared her phone number and picture with Renuka before his kidnapping. However, the late victim comes to know that it was a trap. It was just a mind game of Pavithra. Keep following for more updates.

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