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Darbhanga Sanskrit School, Muslim Students speaking Sanskrit News WAALI

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Darbhanga Sanskrit School, Muslim Students speaking Sanskrit

Abhinav Kumar, Darbhanga: Generally people consider Sanskrit and Urdu as languages ​​associated with certain religions. However, that is not a true fact. Language is a means of acquiring knowledge. Triveni Sanskrit Secondary School at Hayaghat in Darbhanga district is a living example. In this school, you will see students reciting strict Sanskrit verses and having formal conversations, but if you see this kind of Sanskrit pronunciation in front of your eyes, you will surely wonder what religion the students belong to. However, almost every one of your answers will be wrong.

Here students study Sanskrit language

Yes, this school admits Muslim students and these students also study Sanskrit. Muslim students of this school have been district toppers in the past. In this school students study Sanskrit among other subjects. One thing that makes this school special is that 40 percent of the students come from the minority community.

Muslim students here strictly read Sanskrit

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Minority students study Sanskrit in this school like other students from the majority community. Students of this school have good knowledge of Sanskrit. As far as Muslim students are concerned, everyone will be surprised to see them speak Sanskrit clearly and strongly. After reaching the school you can see the students conversing in Sanskrit and the News 18 digital team cameras even caught them on camera speaking Sanskrit.

Muslim student becomes district topper in Sanskrit

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You may not believe it, but it is true that the minority community students are so well versed in Sanskrit that a girl from this school has been topper in the district in this subject. This student Nazia Parveen topped the Sanskrit subject in her district in 2017. While the condition of Sanskrit schools in Bihar is deteriorating day by day, Nazia is a shining example for other students. whose success emphasizes the point that whatever the language, its real goal is to gain knowledge.

This Sanskrit school Being a victim of politics and showmanship

School teacher Prabhakar Kumar says that this school does not have the same facilities as other government schools on all fronts, be it the intellectual development of the students or the basic facilities and development plans of the school. Students of this school can neither participate in swimming competitions nor are they able to form children’s parliaments. Due to this, the students of these schools are deprived of the schemes started for the overall development of the students. These are missed opportunities for students that were needed.

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