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Criticism on social media, Egyptian bride had to explain her ‘sajdah’ at her wedding – Daily UsafNews WAALI

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Cairo (News Desk) In Egypt, scandals involving showbiz personalities are common. In such a case, a new scandal has emerged. In Egypt, the wife of artist and musician Hassan Shakoush is facing fierce criticism on social media for prostrating during the wedding ceremony on Friday. Finally, the bride has to explain to social media users. Singer Melo Thiel Hasan Shakosh

For the first time his wife Reem Tariq commented on the controversy on social media. He explained that the purpose of the married couple’s prostitution was to ‘thank God’. He said that his spread in happiness is not a moment’s thought. Rejecting the accusation of seeking fame and ‘trending’ on social media, she said in a program of ‘ET in Arabic’ that ‘the purpose of prostitution is never to get attention on social media’. He added, “I made a promise to myself. When I wear the wedding dress, I should commit adultery. I should thank my Lord because he has rewarded me for my good deeds.[شوہر] In my eyes, the best person in the world.” Singer Hasan Shakoosh also took part in the debate, saying: “Sujda Shukar should not be confused with prayer prostitution.” Reem Tariq details his connection with Hassan Shakoosh. “We were neighbors since childhood. Later we moved out of the area. I proposed to her 3 years ago, but she got engaged, and our Lord honored me and gave me my destiny.” It should be noted that a bride can be seen bowing in. white wedding dress on social media Taking this event, media social are harshly criticized in Egypt.

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