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crime news in marathi, mother’s death revenge after 20 years; An attack by a man on a 65-year-old man linked to the death of his motherNews WAALI

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Haryana: The anger of his mother’s murder simmered in his mind. After 20 years, he has avenged his mother’s killers. This incident which will embarrass the film has happened in Haryana. He has now avenged the murder that happened 20 years ago. A case of the brutal murder of a 65-year-old man by a youth has come to light.

His mother was murdered when he was two and a half years old. Three people were involved in the case of the mother’s murder. Two of them were already dead. The third person is alive and his name is Surjeet. 65-year-old Surjit was killed by hitting his head with an iron rod at Ghirothi village in Rohtak district on Friday night. The police examined the CCTV footage during the investigation. At that time, a young man is seen going to deceased Surjit’s house at night.

The police began an investigation based on CCTV footage. The police suspected Sunil, a member of Surjeet’s family in the film. That’s why they kept Sunil for questioning. Sunil has confessed to the crime of murder as soon as the police finished the investigation. Also, the police have been shocked to hear the reason behind the murder.

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According to Sunil’s information to the police, 20 years ago, his mother was killed by three people. Surjeet also participated in this. The people of the village used to make fun of me for this. The villagers used to make fun of me saying that my mother’s killers were still alive and walking free and I could not take revenge.

The two men involved in the mother’s murder were already dead. Only Surjeet was alive. I was tired of hearing people’s noise every day. So I plotted to kill Surjit. He has confessed that I killed him by putting a rod on his head while he was sleeping in the cowshed.

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Meanwhile, the police have arrested Sunil and produced him in the court. The police have also seized the weapon used in the crime.

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