13 July 2024
Christian Church

A never-heard-before story evolved on the internet that a Christian church has been selling land in heaven. Yes, you read that right, a Christian Church that is of Portuguese and Spanish lineage has been dealing in plots of land in heaven. Isn’t it sound weird? However, it depends on person to person but netizens are reacting to this news with myriad reactions as some are finding it hilarious while some are seriously believing in it. You may wonder to know that there are particular plots of land in heaven where the buyer can live next to God. If you are also finding this story strange or interesting, then read this article to the end as we have discussed in detail. Swipe down.

As per the reports, the Christian Church of Spanish and Portuguese lineage offering plots of land in heaven including next to the creator of the universe, is Entoms (or, Intoms) where the pastor claimed to discuss with the creator of the universe back in 2017. This news was first shared on TikTok by a user, and from there it went viral on other social networking sites as well. Now the news of selling plots of land in heaven, by a Spanish church is making headlines everywhere, leaving people intrigued and curious about it. As per the TikTok user who shared this news, the land in Heaven is being offered at the rate of $100 per square meter. In addition, a portion of land is also guaranteeing the living next to God.

Nevertheless, a circular containing the details of plots of land in heaven and its deal is also circulating on the internet, captivating the attention of users across the world. The circular issued by the Spanish church features a grand house built in the cloud with golden rays coming from behind. In addition, the brochure also shows a family of four members and all payment methods available such as Visa, Master Card, RuPay, Maestro, and UPI. Renowned influencer Armando Pantoja who creates content of real estate also called it the biggest real estate deal in the world. He also asserted that the Spanish church already had millions of dollars through this deal. However, several influencers have openly talked about this deal on social media.

Thetallguytycoon, an Instagram influencer who has over 700K followers stated to his followers that a church is offering plots of land in heaven at the rate of $100 per square meter and also offering installment options to make payments, please be informed and consider where you spent and invest your money. An African influencer known as Solomon Izang Ashoms who is best known as Uncle Solomon spoke up about the controversial real estate investment deal and called this offer a bizarre move of the church. Solomon said could you believe it, now people can buy property in heaven too. The Christian church that is selling plots in heaven is quite serious about it.

Uncle Solomon who is from Africa and has more than 100K subscribers on YouTube, said that the Christian Church is selling plots in heaven to penetrate the minds of the people. Kindly note that this is not the first time when a church brought such a deal. Last year a pastor from Uganda Fred Isanga who is the head of David of the Universe Apostle Fellowship Church of Righteousness located in South Africa surged to prominence and introduced the same plan. Pastor Isanga also convinced his followers and sold land in heaven. Stay tuned to this website.

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