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Checks ok..any actions? – AndhrajyotiNews WAALI

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Checks ok..any actions?
Medical and Health Department officials investigating at Allardy

– Inspection of 55 hospitals in the district so far

– Three hospitals, two labs are unauthorized

– Notice to 16 hospitals

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– Monitoring limited to notifications

– Private hospitals are running against norms

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– A situation where no action is taken despite the light of investigation

– Unauthorized hospitals and labs are not confiscated

– Medical and Health Department is targeting hospital owners

– Criticism on the behavior of department officials

Comrade, September 29 (Andhra Jyoti): The state government has recently issued orders to conduct regular checks in private hospitals, diagnostic centers and scanning centers and to take action against those who violate the rules but have not taken permission. Because of this, regular checks are being conducted in private hospitals, labs and scanning centers in the district for the last 5 days under the auspices of the Medical and Health Department. In the district, private hospitals continue to operate without following any norms and without providing minimum facilities. There is no record of cases registered and seized except for issuing notices and shaking hands. Despite seizure of several private hospitals in neighboring districts, not a single hospital in Kamreddy district has been seized yet, which shows the performance of the concerned department officials. Allegations are being made that the owners of private hospitals are paying bribes.

There are more than 100 private hospitals in the district

Kamareddy, Ellareddy and Bansuwada urban centers of the district as well as several mandal centers have private hospitals, nursing homes, dental hospitals, diagnostic centers and scanning centers. According to the records of the Medical and Health Department, there are more than 100 private hospitals located across the district. Diagnostic centers and scanning centers are booming. Many medical and health department officials say many of these are being run without permission. In the past, there have been complaints in the medical and health department about non-compliance of minimum standards and non-provision of facilities, but no action is taken. The government has ordered an inquiry to take action against such hospitals. As a part of this, the Medical and Health Department has divided into 7 teams and conducted an investigation in private hospitals across the district.

Inspections are limited to instructions

For the last 5 days, intensive checks are being conducted in private hospitals as well as labs and scanning centers across the district on the instructions of the Medical and Health Department. The medical and health department officials divided into 7 teams are conducting the investigation. Inspections were conducted in 55 private hospitals in these five days. In which notices have been issued to 16 hospitals which are running without following minimum norms and without providing facilities. Two labs and three hospitals running without permits were also limited to notices. Even though the government is passing strict orders to confiscate hospitals and labs running without permits, the district medical and health department is being criticized for throwing up its hands by issuing notices.

There is no prosecution against hospitals that perform gender determination tests

Many private hospitals are working on voluntary basis in the district. Some hospitals charge high fees from patients but do not take any action despite receiving complaints. Gender determination tests are done arbitrarily in some hospitals, but the health department does not take care of it. The performance of these private hospitals has recently come under scrutiny by the Medical and Health Department, but they are taking steps backwards. In the past, a state team had visited a private hospital in Kamreddy Nagar and seized it after it came to light that gender determination tests were being conducted arbitrarily. A few days later, the hospital is open again. During the inspection, it has been revealed that gender determination tests are being conducted in those hospitals, but it is facing a lot of criticism for not taking action. Even if a small fever occurs in some other hospitals Rs. Despite complaints that patients are being exploited by charging fees of thousands and lakhs, the authorities do not pay attention. Diagnostic centers and scanning centers are being run without permits, but they are not seized even though the authorities find them to be running without permits. In this way, the investigation conducted by the Medical and Health Department in the private hospitals of the district is being criticized.