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CG News: Minister Singhdev says – CM Bhupesh Baghel refuses permission for three coal blocks in Hasdev forest – Ambikapur News: CG News: Minister Singhdev says – CM Bhupesh Baghel refuses permission for three coal blocks in Hasdev forestNews WAALI

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Ambikapur (New World Representative). Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has banned three proposed coal mines amid protests over coal blocks in the Hasdev forest. Keeping in view the sentiments of the people, the Chief Minister agreed not to allow coal mining from Parsa Coal Block (Hariharpur – Fatehpur), Kete Extension and Penderkhi Coal Block in Hasdev forest area.

Health Minister TS Singhdev gave this information at a press conference in Ambikapur on Friday after discussions with Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. Health Minister Singhdev said there is no consensus among the villagers for the second phase of coal mining from the Parsa East Kete Basin (PEKB) coal block. So they are neutral. It is not right to support anyone. Health Minister Singhdev said that after discussing with the villagers and public representatives in the affected areas, he discussed with the Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Friday about the establishment of new coal mines. The Chief Minister agreed not to open three mines in Sarguja area of ​​Hasdev forest. Singhdev said that the Chief Minister said that the decision taken based on the conversation should be communicated to the local media, hence he is sharing it.

Trees are not removed

There will be no cutting of trees in the area after the chief minister agreed not to open the three proposed mines. In the case of Parsa Coal Block (Fatepur, Hariharpur), the second phase of Parsa East Kate Basin (PEKB) earmarked for the Rajasthan State Thermal Power Project has not started due to villagers’ opposition. After the first phase of coal mining, the work stopped. Villagers are worried about this quarry. The health minister said that there was no discussion regarding the second phase of coal mine works of PKB which was started earlier.

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Many people are employed

Many people lost their jobs due to the closure of previously operated mines. The families of the victims are blaming him (TS Singhdev) for this. Villagers also have no opinion about this mine. People stood for and against the mine. Here 90 people have to be compensated. 30 of them received compensation. He did not comment on whether the mine would expand. “I am not with any party when the villagers are not together, but those who have been displaced from this mine, those who have received compensation, those who have been employed earlier, want to start the mine,” said Singhdev. ..

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The expansion of Amera mine did not happen with the solidarity of the villagers

Health Minister TS Singhdev said that the expansion of Amera open pit mine in SECL Vishrampur area has not taken place and the villagers of Katkona and Parsodhi, which are adjacent to Amera, have come together not to open the mine. Everyone has the same opinion. There was no expansion of the mine

This is a coal block situation

Parsa Coal Block: Fatehpur and Hariharpur villages will come under this. Villagers have been protesting against the allocation of coal fields since March. The villagers are alleging that there is a fake gram sabha permission. The Chief Minister agreed to cancel the forest permits for this coal block.

Keite Extension: Included in Central Govt Coal Block Allocation List. The survey process is complete. A public hearing should be held but villagers are also opposing this coal block.

Pendarkhi Coal Block: Included in the list of Central Government Coal Blocks but its process is at an early stage. Only survey work is going on.

It does not mean that a crisis situation will arise: TS

Health Minister TS Singhdev said that Parasa Coal Block was among the three coal mines that were not allowed by the Chief Minister. It is assigned. If this mine is not started, there will be no coal and power crisis in Rajasthan. We have also studied all the reports.

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