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Caste bias responsible for mental problems of SC/ST students in IIT Bombay: A surveyNews WAALI

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A mental health survey conducted by the SC/ST student cell of IIT Bombay indicates that SC/ST students are considered less able students in the institute. Many students who took part in the survey said that your caste is marked here by being fluent in English or not.

IIT Bombay. (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Mumbai: A mental health survey conducted by the SC/ST student cell at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay in June found caste discrimination to be the ‘main reason’ behind mental health problems faced by reserved category students on campus.

According to the Indian Express, the survey also found that almost one-fourth of the SC/ST students who took part in the survey suffered from mental health problems, while 7.5 percent of them ‘faced mental health problems serious and tendency. in him to harm himself.

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The SC/ST student cell at IIT Bombay – comprising students as members and teachers as convenors – conducted two surveys last year – in February and June. The objective of the first survey was to collect data to understand the life of SC/ST students on campus and the problems they faced, while the second focused on the mental health of reserved category students.

The survey was sent to all SC/ST students (around 2,000) in the institute, of which 388 participated in the February survey and 134 in the June survey. The findings of the two surveys have not yet been officially released by the institute.

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Earlier this month, the institute’s interim report on the death of first-year student Darshan Solanki by suicide had rejected allegations of caste discrimination leveled by his family and attributed Darshan’s suicide to his poor academic performance and introverted nature.

According to the June survey findings, SC/ST students prefer to hide their identity to avoid the stigma of reservation.

It was stated in the report that 9 percent of the students who took part in the survey identified caste as the reason for their mental health problems. There were also four students who attributed their mental health problems to the casteist and discriminatory attitude of the teachers.

Also, the report states that SC/ST students are seen as less capable students in IITs.

The first survey report, held in February last year, said that ‘caste functions very differently in different places and expresses itself in different ways’. The survey shows that almost a quarter of the SC/ST students come from a mother tongue, rural and socio-economically poor family background. Many of them said, ‘being fluent in English is one of the criteria to judge your caste.’

At the same time, the findings of the June survey indicate that at least 23.5 percent of the respondents need appropriate attention from the institution, for which they need to receive the necessary mental health support. ,

The survey also found that 22.2 percent respondents were concerned about the SC/ST cell and the Student Welfare Center (SWC) providing mental health support on campus.

The report says, ‘27.4 percent of SC/ST students want the SWC not to contact them, but they only want the SC/ST student cell to help them.’ This suggests a lack of trust among students about the mental health services available at the institution.

Reacting to the survey, IIT Bombay said in a statement that the findings of the survey have not yet been shared with the administration.

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