19 July 2024

Recently, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) issued guidelines to address its new dress code. According to the reports, the CAF has revised its dress code and imposed strict guidelines regarding soldiers’ hair and accessories. This guideline regarding the dress code and hairstyle of Canadian soldiers came after almost two years when CAF lifted the restriction on hair growth and hairstyles in 2022. According to the new orders issued by CAF, Canadian soldiers can not grow beard hair not more than 2.5 millimeters in length or quantity. With the announcement of the new rules for the dress code and beard, people have been involved in a debate owing different opinions over this development. Thus, it is necessary to have all the knowledge and information about this new order of the Canadian Armed Forces for everyone. Keep reading this article and go through it to the end.

In 2022, the Canadian Armed Forces lifted the restrictions over beard length and long hair but the agency has once again ordered its soldiers to tie back hair and trim their beards or the length of their beards is not more than 2.5 cm or 1 inch in length or quantity. The new update regarding the dress code and beard hair was shared through the official website of the Canadian Armed Forces. The CAF stated that the facial hair or beard hair should not be over 1 inch or 2.5 cm in length or bulk for any style and hair extending below the lower portion of the shirt collar must be tied back away from the face.

The department also issued guidelines regarding bobby pins and other hair accessories alongside the hair’s length hanging below the shirt collar’s lower portion. The hair accessories should be of black color or natural hair color. The new dress code policy came into effect in June and it was introduced to resolve all the misunderstandings and contradictions that erupted in the previous guideline issued back in 2022. This guideline provided the soldiers of the Canadian Armed Forces more latitude in making uniforms more inclusive and allowing them to decide how the dress should look.

Furthermore, the Department of National Defense also emphasized the point that several uneven interpretations and implementations occurred which did not stand with the motive of the 2022-established guideline. Thus, the Department of National Defense revised its new policy that the previous dress code guidelines produced uncertainty. The newly issued guidelines for the soldiers’ dress code are seemingly easier for the officers who want to follow religious and spiritual accommodations. After the new guidelines, the personal adjustments in the dress code will not be required to get approved during the new posting and transfer as they will be separately mentioned in a personnel file.

Amid the new dress code policy of Canadian Armed Forces, some specualtions and perplexions also have come to the fore that if members can wear headwear, helmets, and other necessary hair accessories like elastics and bobby pins. According to the Canadian Armed Forces, the updated policy suggest hair density should not prevent the wearing of protective helmets or other headwear accessories. The Canadian Armed Forces informed about the latest changes in the dress code to its members earlier in June and the new policy will come into effect from July 2, 2024. To note, the religious or spiritual accomodations have not been prohibited in the updated policy. The Chief Warrant Officer of the Canadian Armed Forces, Bob McCann stated person who dons this uniform fights for the country so that people can enjoy freedom. More details about updated CAF dress code police are available on CAF’s official website.

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