16 July 2024

BTS member Jin recently shared his post-military enlistment pictures which show his new look.

Reacting to BTS’s Jin’s new hairstyle and look, the fans have urged him to keep his hair short and maintain this look in the future. According to many BTS fans, Jin is looking better in short hair than in long hair. However, keeping short hair is not Jin’s go-to hairstyle, he cut his hair short during his military enlistment.

But the fans have found his short hairstyle more attractive. Nevertheless, Jin is best known for his impeccable fashion sense and classy dressing choices. It might be the first time when his fans saw him in short hair. In this article, we have comprehensively this topic and elaborated further on Jin’s short hair look. So keep reading this article for more details. Scroll down the page.

BTS’s Jin Stuns Fans with New Post-Military Enlistment Look

South K-pop idol Jin who is one of the members of renowned group BTS, has been making headlines on social media and buzzing among his fans due to his post-military hairstyle. Reportedly, Jin trimmed his hair short during his military service but he did not grow his hair long after the military enlistment, indicating Jin has made his mood of keeping his hair short for some time.

For the unversed, BTS member Jin completed his mandatory military service recently and was discharged from the ARMY a while ago, thus it will take time to grow his hair again.

However, the new hairstyle of the K-pop idol has drawn everyone’s attention on social media where he shared a couple of pictures flaunting his new hairstyle, prompting myriad reactions from the fans. Many have commented that Jin looks better than before his military enlistment.

The buzz about his new hairstyle began when he shared his latest pictures with “Fred”, a French luxury jewelry brand. Jin’s collaboration or paid partnership with French luxury jewelry brand Fred grabbed eyeballs and became a major talking point for his fans.

The fans have loved his new look. It might be because the fans had never seen him in short hair. It was the first experience of the fans to see BTS’s Jin in short hair, thanks to his military enlistment. Reportedly, the latest pictorial of Jin did not take long to gain attention and became a viral phenomenon on social media.

Jin’s revamped hairstyle and refined look quickly promoted praise and compliments from his fans. His followers and admirers have flooded the social media platforms with comments on his new hairstyle. As mentioned, many also have urged the BTS member to keep his hair short and maintain his post-military enlistment look. Scroll down.

A fan wrote on Instagram Jin looks so good in short hair, his face looks so perfect. Another fan wondered how a person looks like that and how someone can be so handsome. On social media, such comments have been flooded by Jin’s fans. A fan praised Jin’s new hairstyle by saying he has a sexier vibe now and he also hoped that Jin would keep this shorter hair.

As mentioned, Jin collaborated with the French jewelry brand, flaunting luxury jewelry. One fan reacted to his outfit and jewelry that his short hair stole the spotlight away from the luxury jewelry. He looks amazing in the new look. The fans have loved his short hair and lauded his post-military enlistment style. Jin has not yet released any music video for his short hairstyle, which is eagerly awaited by his fans. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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