23 July 2024

The eldest member of BTS, Jin’s latest Instagram post captivated the attention of not only his fans but also Jungkook’s fans as well because he is wearing Jungkook’s merchandise in the photo.

The silver vocalist, Jin shared this photo on Tuesday, July 2, 2024, which has garnered over 1 million likes so far. The viral post of the eldest BTS member meanwhile became a topic of the town as Jin indirectly promoted Jungkook’s Golden album by donning Jungkook merchandise and sharing the picture on his Instagram handle.

The silver vocalist also penned a note along with sharing the photo in Jungkook’s merchandise to explain the reason for wearing the jersey. If you are a fan of Jin, then you should go through the article to the end as we have poured in a lot more to learn about Jungkook and Jin in the article. Continue reading this article for more details.

BTS Jin Sparks Excitement with Latest Instagram Post

On Tuesday, July 2, 2024, the eldest BTS member shared a recently clicked picture of himself, in which he is wearing a black t-shirt with band member Jungkook’s face on it. The sweater merchandise was from Jungkook’s Golden album, on which his face is printed. Along with the merchandise photo of Jungkook’s Golden album, Jin also shared that Jungkook has this in his company so he is wearing it.

Shortly after the BTS member Jin shared a picture of Jungkook’s Golden sweater, the fans flooded comments to share their reaction to this photo. When clicking the picture in Jungkook’s Golden merchandise, BTS member Jin also tried to pose similar to Jungkook’s face on the black sweater.

As Jin mimicked Jungkook’s pose in the photo, the fans found it very hilarious and captivating. It seems that Jin captured the photo during the photoshoot of Seven. As of now, the post shared on Jin’s official Instagram account has garnered more than 7M likes.


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Jin’s Latest Move

The eldest member of BTS and silver vocalist, Jin was discharged from his military duties on June 12, 2024. Following his discharge from military services, Jin announced that he was busy with shooting for variety shows and also working on a new music video.

While talking to the Korean social media platform Weverse, the BTS member added that he has been recording, and shooting variety shows and also slowly progressing on plans he made during his stint in the military.

The eldest member of BTS also revealed that he is trying to remain in the media’s sight as much as he can but also focused on his main job at the same time. He also promised his fans that the final results of his hard work would be released within a few months and urged the fans to wait a little bit more.

BTS Jin Goes Viral in Jungkook’s Merchandise

As of now, Jin is the only active BTS member who was released from the Army on June 12 while the other six members of the BTS group, J Hope, Suga, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, are still serving in the army and yet to complete their mandatory terms.

In the absence of the rest of the BTS members, Jin threw the BTS fan army into a frenzy of giggles and joy by sharing a delightful picture featuring Jungkook on his sweater.

This post came when the fans were speculating Jin would take a rest and break as he recently completed his military services and attended the 2024 BTS FESTA meeting. But the eldest member of the group is trying to show his face to the fans and remains active everywhere as much as he can, showing his dedication and passion for his work.

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