16 July 2024

BTS member Jimin recently heightened the anticipation of the fans for his upcoming solo album, by releasing a teaser of the album.

For the unversed, Jimin is gearing up for his second solo album MUSE which is only a few days away from now. Meanwhile, the BTS member left every single fan anticipating it by sharing some SERENADE concept photos of his upcoming album.

He recently shared a teaser for his upcoming album to heighten fans’ anticipation and excitement. Since Jimin unveiled the SERENADE concept photo and teaser of his album MUSE, BTS fans have been taking over the internet and mesmerizing it.

BTS’s Jimin Sparks Excitement

Meanwhile, several questions started swirling among the fans about Jimin’s second solo album such as when it will be released. However, we have comprehensibly explained everything that you need to know about Jimin’s MUSE album. Swipe down the page.

MUSE is the second solo album of Jimin. The recently released teaser of his upcoming album offers intriguing visuals and diverse musical tracks. BTS’s Jimin shared the Serenade photos and teaser of his upcoming album to thrill fans and increase the buzz of the album worldwide ahead of its release.

If you are wondering when will MUSE be released then note that Jimin’s second solo album is scheduled to be released on July 19, 2024. After a couple of weeks, the second solo album of BTS’s Jimin will be all yours.

Speaking of the pictures and teaser shared from the upcoming album, Jimin unveiled his enigmatic charm and artistic depth as he entered popstar mode this time. The serenade concept photos have ignited anticipation among the fans of BTS.

It has not been a long time since Jimin dropped the serenade concert pictures from his upcoming album, he shared a glimpse of his second solo album on Sunday, July 7, 2024.

In the Serenade version photos of his second solo album MUSE, Jimin is seen in a dramatic setting as his back turned to the viewer and facing pink curtains, exuding a sense of anticipation and mystery. Jimin is standing beside an electric guitar covered in a chic formal suit which acts as a symbolic centerpiece on an off-white platform.

The serenade concept photos were clicked in a neutral tone which enhanced the mood and drew focus to Jimin’s silhouette and the subtle play of light and shadow.

The look of Jimin exudes the vibe of a pop star. In the teaser, the BTS member walks toward the white platform while his Chelsea boots captivate the attention. The pose of Jimin with an electric guitar heightens his charm.

Interestingly, Jimin created a buzz in the music industry while serving in the military, by just announcing his second solo album which is slated to be released on July 19, 2024. Amid the growing buzz of his upcoming album, BTS member Jimin who is currently committed to military services, teased the fans with serenade concept photos and a teaser titled “La Lettra”. Swipe down the page.

In the teaser, the singer turns on the lights and plugs in his electric guitar, confirming his popstar mode in the album. Ahead of the release of his second solo album, Jimin treated his fans with a pre-release single, Smeraldo Garden Marching Band that also features rapper LOCO.

This song was released on June 28. Jimin’s first solo album was FACE and it had an introspective tone, unlike MUSE’s serenade tone. According to the reports, his second solo album will have a total of seven tracks including Closer Than This. Stay tuned.

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