23 July 2024
Ryan Garcia

On Wednesday, June 19, 2024, the renowned American professional boxer Ryan Garcia dropped hints of his retirement by listing the issues he is having right now in his life. It seems that Ryan Garcia’s boxing gloves are hanging by very a thin thread during the ongoing upheaval in his career and personal life as well. In April, boxer Ryan Garcia surprised everyone by defeating Devin Haney which also gave hopes of a bright future but the feeling of being victorious could not last as his victory was overshadowed by doping allegations. Recently, the boxer left everyone surprised once again not with his victory but with his retirement announcement. Yes, you read that right, it seems that Ryan Garcia has announced his retirement. If you are a boxing enthusiast or a fan of Ryan Garcia, then you need to go through the article to the end and learn what reasons he cited to announce his retirement. Swipe down.

Ryan Garcia Announces Retirement Amid Career and Personal Turmoil

Ryan Garcia left all of his fans and supporters stunned when he posted on social media that he was officially retired. As a result of his unexpected retirement post, boxing enthusiasts and his fans have been thrown into a frenzy to speculate the reason for giving up on his boxing career. Taking to social media, besides claiming that he is officially retired Ryan Garcia also mentioned all the upheaval going on in his life at this moment. He said his mother has cancer, he is being sued, his supplements had been tainted, he has been going through a divorce as well, and he always gets shit talks on the internet.

Ryan Garcia further added in the post that Devin Haney whom he defeated in April, asked for his victory to be taken away. It seems that he is frustrated by getting hit with everything and so much disruption in his life. By listing all these upheavals on social media, Ryan Garcia sparked a discussion among the fans. Meanwhile, his retirement reason has become a subject of widespread speculation and conjecture. As of now, it should be believed that Ryan Garcia has given up on his boxing career as he publicly claimed that he is officially retired.

Recalling the moment when Ryan Garcia surprised everyone in the boxing world when he beat Devin Haney. But he could not enjoy his victory for long because his doping tests came out positive for taking a performance-enhancing drug during his fight with Devin Haney who is now demanding for taking back Ryan Garcia’s victory. To note, Ryan Garcia tested positive for taking Ostarine drug which enhances performance.

Another upheaval in his life happened recently when Ryan Garcia aka KingRy was arrested on a felony vandalism charge from in Beverly Hills as he allegedly damaged a property of a hotel there, accused by the hotel authorities. The 25-year-old professional boxer who resides in California, Ryan Garcia, is currently embroiled in lots of upheaval. Amid so much disruption in his life at this moment, the 25-year-old boxer shared a string of posts on Twitter where he claimed to be officially retired.

However, it remains a subject of speculation and debate whether his retirement is temporary or permanent. His retirement news aligns with an upcoming meeting of the NYSAC where bans for failing doping tests will be deliberated. According to the reports, the NYSAC will hold the meeting later this week and take action against Ryan Garcia. However, rumors are swirling that the commission may impose a ban on KingRy aka Ryan Garcia for several years along with a fine. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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