23 July 2024

It is needless to say BLACKPINK members Lisa and Rose are good friends of each other but they recently showcased their friendship in a video posted on social media.

In the video, Lisa and Rose took a challenge in Lisa’s latest single track Rockstar in a bid to promote and support Lisa’s soloist career. Their friendship has drawn a lot of attention on the internet as Lisa’s BLACKPINK member Rose came to the fore to support her friend’s solo career.

Reportedly, Rose traveled to Los Angeles just to support Lisa, solidifying her friendship with her. Since Lisa and Rose have been seen together in the “Rockstar” challenge video, the fans have become curious to delve deep into their friendship. Catering to their queries regarding Lisa and Rose’s friendship, we have shed light on several instances that solidify their friendship. Continue reading this article for more details. Drag down.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Rose Reunite for ‘Rockstar’ Challenge

Their friendship sparked a widespread discussion among millions of people after Lisa and Rose were seen together in a fun video. In the clip, the two BLACKPINK members can be seen participating in the Rockstar song challenge.

Reportedly, they filmed this video and took the challenge of Rockstar song after Rose traveled to Los Angeles to support her friend’s soloist comeback. Meanwhile, their reunion drew the attention of a large number of people across the globe. Nevertheless, Lisa flaunted her unbreakable bond with Rise by posting a video on her social media account along with the caption “Rose and I, baby we some Rockstars.”

In addition, Rockstar singer Lisa also shared a photo of her BLACKPINK member Rose, in which Rose is lying on a bed in her comfortable outfit. She also tagged Rose in the post, the heartwarming friendship between the two renowned singers.

These posts draw so much attention because it has been a long time since fans saw Lisa and Rose together. Lisa who has begun her soloist career, has ended her contract with the agency managing the girl group BLACKPINK while Rose also recently inked a contract with The Black Label that is led by Teddy.

Rose signed the contract with The Black Label last month after Lisa partnered with Sony Music’s RCA Records in April and launched her label LLOUD Co. The recently released song Rockstar was the first song released under Lisa’s label LLOUD Co, marking her comeback as a soloist. She released her Rockstar song last month on the 28th.

Since Lisa’s Rockstar was released, this song has been creating headlines and trending everywhere, taking the soloist career of Lisa to a new height. It won’t be wrong to say that Lisa is currently enjoying the immense success of her Rockstar song that is featured in all the major charts including Top 100 Billboard Charts. Kindly swipe down the page and read more about BLACKPINK members Lisa and Rose.

Lisa who has over 104 million followers on Instagram, reunited with her Blackpink member Rose for the Rockstar challenge at Lisa’s home located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. The two besties enjoyed a lot at Lisa’s lavish mansion. They also shared a glimpse into their time.

Lisa shared a clip on TikTok showing the two Blackpink members jamming on her recently released song, Rockstar. During their reunion, Lisa wore an all-white costume paired with a denim jacket and swanky shades while Rose sported a black and golden outfit. Like Lisa, Rose is also styled in black sunglasses. Rose also shared a picture in which she is choosing a gift from several presents. Stay tuned.

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