23 July 2024

Blackpink member Jennie has been embroiled in controversy ever since a clip of her went viral on the internet. In the viral video, the Blackpink member can be seen smoking indoors. As a result of vaping indoors, Jennie found herself embroiled in a controversy that has sparked a widespread controversy, involving people sharing their opinions on this act. However, the majority of K-netizens who reacted to Jennie’s smoking video, have expressed their dismay toward Jennie’s indoor smoking incident. Amidst the huge criticism and backlash on social media, a person who claimed to be Jennie’s staff member, came to the fore to defend the K-pop idol. Since the alleged staff member of Jennie addressed the smoking incident of Jennie, this matter has been turning more heads. To learn what Jennie’s alleged staff member said about the smoking incident, go through the article to the end. Drag down the page.

Jennie Sparks Controversy with Viral Indoor Smoking Video

The video of Jennie smoking indoors reportedly surfaced on social media earlier this week, prompting a shocking reaction from fans who had not expected this from their favorite K-pop idol. The K-netizens who found the act of smoking indoors strongly criticized Jennie. Meanwhile, a discussion has begun over the smoking incident of Jennie. The online criticism of Jennie promoted a defense reaction from an alleged staff member who claimed he was on the scene where the viral video was recorded.

An alleged staff member said he was at the JACQUEMUS fashion show for the preparation. In the dressing room of the JACQUEMUS fashion show, the K-pop idol was preparing and doing makeup work on her face. The alleged staff member who claimed to be at the location where the smoking incident happened, claimed on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, that location was the preparation site for the fashion show and the room was not designated as a non-smoking place. To defend the alleged staff member also claimed that permission to smoke was asked before vaping indoors with a window open.

The unidentified staff member of Jennie, further added that Jennie smoked a bubble pen which she purchased at a convenience store while her makeup artist was looking for a beauty product. Jennie vaped when the staff person turned around at the wrong time. Reportedly, the Blackpink member also apologized to the staff members several times even after the show concluded. However, the staff member said it was fine as she is a smoker herself.

In the viral smoking video of Jennie, the K-pop idol blew smoke in the direction of the staff member right when the makeup artist turned her face to do Jennie’s lip work. This incident of blowing smoke in the direction of the staff was found a problematic incident that also accused the K-pop idol of her poor character. The alleged staff member stated that he does not know that this incident alone caused him to bring up Jennie’s past actions and poor character allegations. The staff member who also claimed to be a friend of Jennie said it is disappointing that this incident is causing such a misunderstanding.

The alleged staff member has strongly defended Jennie amidst the widespread criticism over the smoking incident. However, K-netizens still believe it was Jennie’s bad behavior for blowing smoke on the face of her staff member. Despite so much criticism and widespread backlash over her viral smoking video, Blackpink member Jennie has not yet responded to this matter or shared any statement to address the controversy. As of yet, only Jennie’s alleged staff member has opened up about it. Stay tuned to this website.

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