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BENGALURU PATHOL: The big pothole in Bengaluru Road has now become a landmark on Google Maps, Bengaluru Pathol has added it to the list of Google Maps Landmarks.News WAALI

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Bangalore’s pothole in Google Maps: A road pothole in Bangalore’s Bellandur now has a spot on Google Maps. Not only occupying space, but once the hole was seen as a landmark.

Bengaluru Pathol: The big pothole on Bengaluru Road has now become a landmark on Google Maps

While the roads have become piles of ice.

Google Maps: A giant bag in India’s tech capital Bangalore has now become a landmark on Google Maps. The historic Thiri Pit is called Abijar Pit, located in Bellandur area of โ€‹โ€‹Bangalore. Some people have reviewed this area on Google. And now netizens are sharing these reviews with screenshots on Twitter, which are going viral.

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“These stones in Bangalore are marked on Google and reviewed by some people,” a user posted on Twitter, posting a screenshot of a Google review of the stones of Abijara.

One review reads, “I visited it at night time. The hole slowed me down and also told a story. It was a terrifying experience. The hole didn’t let me go until I finished the story. Such a corrupt government.” , who had all the resources but the public was at least kept away from it.

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Another reviewer wrote, “Very nice hole. A must visit at least once. You have to move around to make sure you hit the chassis in the right place.

“Best hole I’ve ever seen. A true back breaking experience and a testing ground for your car’s suspension,” another user wrote.

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Abujar’s review of the hole is now viral on Twitter. A Twitter user named Ashish wrote, โ€œGreat idea to pin this place on Google. Can be named after local corporate or MLA/MP. Let them see what it’s like on Google, when their hole is at the top of the search results.”


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