16 July 2024

The water-themed music event Waterbomb Festival began on Friday, July 5, 2024, in Seoul, where several K-pop idols will perform every day.

On the first day, Saturday, July 5, 2024, the former NU’EST member Baekho performed. The former member of NU’EST turned soloist Baekho turned eyeballs and captivated everyone’s attention with his stunning appearance. Baekho set the stage on fire with his tattooed muscular body, which he flaunted during his stage performance.

Now several pictures and videos of Baekho are making rounds on social media, sparking a frenzy among the fans to watch more clips. People who witnessed Baekho’s electrifying and energetic stage performance at Waterbomb Festival Seoul 2024, were blessed enough to see the K-pop idol flaunting his ripped physique.

Baekho’s Electrifying Stage Presence Dominates

If you are a Baekho fan, you are suggested to go through the article to the end as we have a lot more to discuss about Baekho’s Waterbomb performance. Continue reading this article for more information.

As mentioned, several photos and videos of Baekho from the water-themed music event in Seoul, are going viral on the internet, and his muscular physique has captured everyone’s attention. Meanwhile, K-pop fans including those who have not followed Baekho for a long time, also have become focused on him.

During the musical event, Baekho gave an energetic performance during which he was accompanied by background dancers who also did a great job. The center of attraction, Baekho, turned eyeballs when he removed his Sandow and showed off his impressive physique flaunting his ripped six-pack abs.

People who watched Baekho’s muscular physique for the first time, have become his true fans. Many also have claimed that Baekho stole the show by showing off his muscular fitness which was unmatchable by any celebrity on the first day of the Waterbomb Festival.

For the unversed, the lineup for the first day of Waterbomb Music Festival included Hwasa, Kang Daniel, Crush, Zico, Chung Ha, Woo Won Jae, LUN8, Aster & Neo, Hyo, Soyee & Vaha, Ari, Chuu, ZB & Ation, Eleven, Sura, Coogie, and fromis_9. It was also rumored that Hollywood celebrities Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds will also attend the Waterbomb Festival 2024 in Seoul but it has not been officially announced.

A fan who stated on social media that he must not have been following Baekho’s fitness journey but when the hell did he get shredded like this, inspirational. Another fan shared that Baekho was wet and wild.

Baekho’s good looks combined with his amazing muscular physique have set the internet on fire because his photos from the Waterbomb Festival are making huge rounds, showing his craze among the fans.

Especially, on X formerly Twitter K-pop fans have lauded Baekho’s ripped core fitness and posted several of his photos and videos showing off his physique. The amazing personality of Baekho prompted several fans to share their reaction to watching Baekho performing shirtless at the water-themed music festival. Scroll down.

A fan said his muscles are crazy as he looks more like a sculpture than a human body. Another speculated that Baekho must have worked so much to look like that and his performance was amazing as well. In addition, a fan also assumed that Baekho was the perfect guest performer for the Waterbomb Music Festival Seoul 2024.

A person highlighted the difference between Baekho’s shoulders and waist and anticipated how much he takes care of his body to look like that. Interestingly, a person claimed that Baekho might have the best body out of all male idols. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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