23 July 2024

Popular South Korean girl group BabyMonster bagged another achievement for its name as their “Like That” performance video has garnered more than 100 million views.

Yes, you read that right, even the dance performance of BabyMonster has crossed the milestone of 100 million views on YouTube, showing the immense popularity and support from the fans of the rookie girl group. However, the video we are talking about has gained over 100 million views and is not the official music video but an exclusively posted dance performance clip.

Therefore the achievement of crossing 100 million views is more impressive and special. Meanwhile, the fans have started vibing to the dance performance of BabyMonster on Like That song, making it a trending song on the internet. Kindly delve into the details to get more insight into the achievements of BabyMonster. Scroll down the page.

BabyMonster Celebrates Milestone

It has been only one year since the girl group BabyMonster debuted and they have already achieved several milestones and continuing to break more records with their latest songs and videos. Most recently, BabyMonster achieved the milestone of crossing 100 million views on a dance performance video.

Reportedly, the girls grooved on Like That song which rapidly soared past the mark of 100 million views on YouTube despite not being the official MV of the song but only a special dance performance.

Every day, the K-pop girl group BabyMonster has been smashing records with their energetic and rocking performances by topping the charts. In the wake of BabyMonster’s dance performance video’s success, the K-netizens have become focused on the number of subscribers to their official YouTube channel where it was posted.

As of now, BabyMonster’s official YouTube channel boasts more than 6 million subscribers, indicating their rapid growth and popularity among the fans as it has been only one year since BabyMonster debuted.

As of now, the biggest hit of rookie girl group BabyMonster is SHEESH. The official music video of BabyMonster’s SHEESH has soared past the mark of 250 million views while the group’s dance performance on their song has garnered more than 127 million views.

How would you react if we told you that BabyMonster’s Stuck In The Middle and Batter Up’s pre-release tracks drew the attention of the fans even before their official debut? As per the reports, Batter Up’s music video has garnered over 265 million views.

In one year, K-pop BabyMonster has set multiple records and achieved several milestones including the most-watched debut music video in a day. Another remarkable achievement made by BabyMonster was the fastest debut music video to cross 100 million views on YouTube.

As mentioned, BabyMonster is a rookie girl group and relatively new to other renowned and well-established K-pop groups, BabyMonster has made waves across the world. In addition, the rookie K-pop girl group BabyMonster also has attended several international fan meetings to further extend their fan base by interacting with supporters across different countries.

Thus, their music videos and albums boast viewership from multiple countries, a testament to BabyMonster’s immense popularity around the globe.

South Korean girl group BabyMonster is also known as Baemon and it is managed by YG Entertainment which also managed renowned K-pop groups like Blackpink and 2NE1. This rookie girl group is composed of seven members including Asa, Pharita, Ruka, Rora, Ahyeon, Rami, and Chiquita.

The seven-member girl group debuted on November 27, 2023, when they released their debut single track Batter Up. Their pre-debut single track “Dream” topped the charts. After a few months of their debut, BabyMonster toured multiple countries for fan meetings. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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