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Baby elephant becomes tourist attraction after winning India’s OscarNews WAALI

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The baby elephant made popular by the Oscar-winning Indian documentary has become a tourist attraction.

The jumbo from the movie “Elephant Whisperers,” which won an Oscar on Monday for “Best Documentary Short,” is attracting crowds of tourists to the Mudumalai Theppakadu elephant camp.

The plot of the film revolves around a family, who adopt two orphaned baby elephants in Tamil Nadu’s Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. “It’s such a great moment. It’s a pleasure to be here. The elephant is my favorite animal and the fact that the film won an Oscar makes me very happy and excited,” said a visitor.

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The director of the Tamil documentary, Kartiki Gonsalves, and the producer Guneet Monga had talked about the ‘sacred bond’ with nature during their speech at the Oscar night.

In her winning speech, Gonsalves said, “I stand here today to speak on the sacred bond between us and our natural world. Out of respect for indigenous communities. For an entity towards other living beings, with whom we share our space. And finally about co-existence. Thank you to the academy for recognizing our film highlighting indigenous people and animals.

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