21 June 2024
Ava Jerome

Maura West who has been playing a key role (Ava Jerome) in the popular soap opera “General Hospital” is rumored to be leaving the show. Is it true? If the same question is also swirling in your mind, you are in the right place. The rumors of Ava Jerome’s potential exit from General Hospital started going around among the fans after the soap opera underwent major changes to bring new twists and turns to the storyline. Meanwhile, the viewers of the show were left quite perplexed and concerned as well regarding Maura West’s role in the show. It is quite interesting to trace the origin of the rumors claiming Ava Jerome’s exit from General Hospital. You should go through the article till the end for more details. Swipe down.

Is Ava Jerome Leaving General Hospital?

Not to mention, Ava Jerome is one of the beloved characters of General Hospital. Thus, fans did not take long to react shockingly to the rumors of her exit from the show. Upon investigating the matter we learned that the rumors of Ava Jerome’s departure from the show started propelling after the major changes in the production team of the show. For the unversed, recently the main scriptwriters and key staff members of General Hospital were changed which also sparked concerns among the fans about their beloved character’s fate. Meanwhile, Maura West found herself as a subject of public scrutiny amid her character’s removal from the show. Continue reading this article for more details.

Maura West
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Nevertheless, the host of The Chat, a podcast show, shared a post on social media that hinted that a popular actress from the cast of General Hospital may leave the show. Eventually, the fans speculated the popular actress’s name as Maura West who appears as Ava Jerome in GH. However, The Chat’s Casey did not confirm any name from the star cast of General Hospital, leaving the fans more perplexed and adding a layer of intrigue among them. But still, the fans speculated the three most popular names from General Hospital, that are Herbst, Tabyana Ali, and Maura West.

Speaking of Maura West’s role in General Hospital, the soap opera brings a twist with Ava might threaten her stint in Port Charles. In the show, Ava Jerome is seen messing with the medication of Sonny Corinthos played by Maurice Benard which eventually causes a stir. As Ava Jerome has a dark history as she is linked to a murder, and involved in a scandal with Alexis Davis played by Nancy Lee Grahn, therefore, Alexis’s law career can be affected. These troubles in General Hospital have left fans concerned about Ava Jerome and immensely curious and excited to learn what will happen in the show.

However, most of the fans are expecting that Ava Jerome will not leave the show and keep appearing in the show. Fingers are also crossed because fans are hoping that the change of writers will not lead to the removal of Ava Jerome. For the unversed, Maura West has been playing the role of Ava Jerome in General Hospital for more than a decade since 2013. Over time, Maura West’s character became an important and key character in the show. West’s character also remained a part of several important incidents and events that happened in GH. As of now, West’s character is mixed up with different stories and incidents. However, Ava Jerome is keeping secrets under wrap so that nobody gets affected in the show. Due to the lack of official information, Ava Jerome’s exit rumors are not considered to be credible as of now.

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