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Attributes of Allah’s Special Servants – Daily AttributesNews WAALI

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May Allah Almighty include us among His dear and close servants, Amen. All human beings are servants of Allah, they are created by Him, but some human beings are special and popular servants of Allah Almighty, called common are saints. They are great people who believe in monotheism and prophethood, as well as their beliefs, actions, morals and worship are all subject to the will of Allah and the Messenger of Allah and in accordance with the rules of the Shariah. great honor to him. In the last arc of Surah al-Furqan, some characteristics and signs of these special servants of Allah Ta’ala have been mentioned, which are not specific people, but whoever adopts these attributes, their character, speech, morals, manners, worship. and issues etc. If he does according to the merits, then he will also be included among the close and popular servants of Allah Ta’ala.

Let us now read the special attributes of “Ibad al-Rahman” described in the Holy Qur’an, and thank him for this honor. The first attribute of Ibad al-Rahman is “obedience” which means being a servant of Allah Almighty, considering one’s actions and morals and even one’s existence as if it belonged to the real owner, to do every word and deed in accordance with the will of the owner, always in every situation. I bow down to obey him, such people are servants of Allah and deserve to be called servants because they try to fulfill the right of servitude to the best of their ability, otherwise those who are called the servants of the Most Merciful. If it is the work of Satan, it is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an about such people: “Awleik Kalanaam Bil Hum Azal” means, although their Creator and Owner is Allah, but their morals and actions are beliefs and worship. They are such that it is not worthy to call them servants of Allah, but they are worse than animals, even animals are not as disobedient to their master as this person. so loyal to their master that they even sacrifice their lives for the sake of the master. They live their arbitrary lives by neglecting the commands of the Qur’an and Sunnah, preferring the life of a few days to the eternal life (hereafter), these people do not deserve to be called servant of Allah and the medal of “Ibadur Rahman” should be distinguished for him. The second line of Ibad al-Rahman is that they walk on the earth with humility, they do not walk with arrogant arrogance, the quality of modesty and dignity is seen in their walk, they are supposed to walk very slowly like women . since this is against the Sunnah, it is said about him, ‘Aza Misha ka nama yanhat min sabb wa kamana al-arze tatuwaila’, that is, when he was walking, he seemed to be coming down from height and the earth was his. Therefore, the scholars have written it as an abomination to walk slowly like a sick person without need, that arrogance can be seen clearly from this action, and arrogance, not the glory of a servant, such arrogance, nor anyone else The Holy is boasting. Qur’an clearly forbids walking in an arrogant way, saying, “Wila tamish fi al-ar’z marha ank lin takhreq al-arzee willan ta’bal al-jebal tula'” says Hazrat Hasan Basri in the commentary of the verse this “Yamshun Ali Arz Huna” that all the limbs and jewels of the sincere believers, eyes, ears, hands and feet are all before Allah. They are humiliated and humiliated, the unfamiliar sees them as disabled and weak, although they are not sick or disabled, but healthy and strong, but they fear God Almighty which others do not. They are prevented by the worries of the future from the mists of the world, and the one who does not trust Allah and all his worries related to the affairs of this world, then he is still in worry. (I did not participate. ) And the person who considers Allah’s blessing only in food and drink and does not pay attention to high morals, his knowledge is very little and punishment is ready for him. (by Ibn Kathir in brief) The same word “to be” is used in the Holy Quran. Which means walking with calmness and dignity and keeping the feet raised while walking, not dragging on the ground I’m coming off, and walking with the chest lifted is the work of the arrogant Dull Ibadur Rahman is that he avoids arrogance and self-importance and does not leave even a whiff of arrogance to be felt in his speech and character, his habits and gestures Calmness and humility ooze from each of u actions, and behavior of a person that interprets his mind, his character and his behavior in full. The behavior of a civilized person is different and by looking at the person’s behavior, one can guess what kind of personality is behind which behavior. It is this stage of a human being that leads him to good and bad, to success, and to failure, and that is why Allah, the Exalted and Exalted, mentioned him in the beginning of the attributes of Ibad al-Rahman, whose every stage is rising with goodness and rising towards good, neither to oppress anyone nor to cause evil in the earth and to show their greatness. (Continued)

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