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Attacker conspiracy theories – The Australian Jewish NewsNews WAALI

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News Waali Updates Attacker conspiracy theories – The Australian Jewish News

A man arrested for hitting the husband of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosis with a hammer after breaking into their San Francisco home while looking for her had spread the theory online that Jews are responsible for the war in Ukraine.

San Francisco police arrested David DePape Friday after Paul Pelosi struggled with an intruder who attacked him.

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Paul Pelosi, 82, was hospitalized but is expected to recover. Nancy Pelosi was in Washington, DC at the time.

A picture of DePape, which emerged after police named him as the alleged attacker, suggests he has been actively involved in a number of conspiracy theories online, including ones about Pelosi being a target of supporters of the former US president Donald Trump was, and about Jews.

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One of two websites DePape appears to manage has a category titled “DaJewbs,” dedicated to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, including Holocaust denial.

Numerous recent entries accuse Jews of being behind Russia’s war on Ukraine to buy up the country.

“It’s pretty sick Judaism, if true,” read a Monday post featuring an anti-Semitic caricature of a Jew. “Bomb the country into shit so the residents go. Buy up the land cheaply.”

A post on Tuesday said: “The more Ukrainians die UNNECESSARY, the cheaper the land becomes for Jews to buy up.”

There were also posts about Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kayne West, who recently expressed anti-Semitism, and posts that said Jews financed Hitler’s rise to power in Germany.

DePape, who police said would be charged with attempted manslaughter and other crimes, joins a growing list of alleged perpetrators of attacks fueled by conspiracy theories circulating online.

A suspected gunman who killed 10 people in Buffalo, New York in May, credited the “Great Replacement Theory,” which says Jews were behind efforts to replace whites with immigrants of color, as was a man believed to be a Perpetrators were identified in a recent shooting outside an LGBTQ bar in Slovakia. Both men called for the murder of Jews.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog denounced the attack on Paul Pelosi on Saturday.

“Shocked by the vicious attack on Paul Pelosi and relieved that my friend Speaker Pelosi, who received me so kindly this week, is safe,” Herzog said in a statement.

“Attacks on elected officials and their families are attacks on democracy itself. I pray on behalf of the people of Israel for Paul’s recovery.”


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