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Arrest is the law of the jungle despite security, Imran KhanNews WAALI

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Lahore: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that the police have come to arrest me despite the security bond, this is the law of the jungle, but I am mentally prepared to go to jail.

Speaking to foreign media, he said that I do not know how many nights I will have to spend in jail if I am arrested, but I am mentally prepared to spend the night in jail. I have taken protective bail till 18th, the police came despite the protective bail, there is no justification for my arrest, this is the law of the jungle.

Imran Khan said that the news on TV revealed that the police are coming to arrest me, I think this time they have every intention to put me in jail, I am reviewing the whole situation from Zaman Park.

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He said when the police came, the workers were not present in large numbers, the police tried to remove them but the workers resisted, the police first used water cannons and then shelled teargas, they also fired teargas inside’ m house. was done

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There is calm now, the police are gathering more personnel, the worrying thing is that malice is evident in every case, I want rule of law in Pakistan, rule of law means that whoever breaks it should be punished. to obey the law, the police came despite the security guarantee, this is the law of the jungle.

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He said not only the police are there in large numbers but the Rangers are there too, it seems as if I am a dangerous terrorist and an operation is underway, these people are taking every step to prevent the election, to get rid of me. They want to send me to jail or kill me, 80 cases have been registered against me under the provisions of blasphemy, terrorism, murder, terrorism.

Imran Khan said that the government also said that my life is in danger, my lawyers say, if they want to appear, at least give assurance, if I am arrested, the workers will be on the streets, I have told the workers. That there is no benefit from violence, we want elections, violence benefits those who do not want elections.