16 July 2024
Armaan Malik

Since Bigg Boss OTT season 3 grand premiere glimpses released, the contestants of the show have been gotten a much of attention. However, the social media personality Armaan Malik and his two wives Payal Malik and Kritika Malik made their strong entry in the show where they interact with the host, Anil Kapoor. Anil Kapoor was also surprised when Armaan Malik made entry with his two wives. The recent reports claim that Armaan Malik wants to share the bed with his first wife Payal. What was the reaction of Kritika? The buzz for the new season of Bigg Boss OTT has not yet stopped. Soon, this season will become one of the most-watched reality shows on the streaming platform. Check out the latest update of Bigg Boss OTT season 3.

The grand premiere of Bigg Boss OTT season 3 took place on June 21, 2024. The glimpses clip of the last day is also circulating on the internet. Several known faces are become part of the show. However, Delhi’s Vada Pav girl is the first contestant on the show. Apart from Vada Pav Girl, the rest contestants are Sana Makbul Khan, Sai Ketan Rao, Ranvir Shorey, Poulomi Das, Lovekesh Kataria, Neeraj Goyat, Sana Sultan, Shivani Kumari, Vishal Pandey, Deepak Chaurasia, Munisha Khatwani, Armaan Malik, Payal Malik, Kritika Malik and Naved Shaikh. As of now, Armaan Malik and his two wives’ names are circulating on the internet surface. Why he is trolling the viewers? Why did he separate from his wives in the Bigg Boss house? The reports claim he is not staying in the BB house just because of his two wives. The grand premiere shows glimpses of the stage where the host of the show Anil Kapoor asks Armaan to kiss his wife. He also asks whom he would like to share the bed. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

As we know, Payal is the first wife of Armaan Malik. He replied the answer of Anil Kapoor by saying the name of Payal whom with he wants to share the bed. The shocking reaction of Kritika left everyone wondering. How did she react when Armaan chose Payal to sleep in bed? Furthermore,  the audience was surprised after seeing the reaction of Kritika Malik. In addition, on the stage, Anil Kapoor asked how their relationship started. Payal replies by saying that she met with Armaan in 2011 at a wedding. Their affair was working only for 6 days after that she moved to Armaan’s house where they married. Payal and Kritika were friends. Payal’s first child’s name is Chiku. Kritika met with Armaan through Payal on her child’s birthday. After the birthday party, Kritika asked for photos which clicked on birthday. They planned for Deharadun along with Kritika however, it was canceled. She stayed at Armaan and Payal’s house for almost 7 days. During this period, Kritika fell in love with Armaan then they decided to marry. If we talk about Armaan Malik and his two wives, he is happily living with both wives. Learn more in the next section.

The trio are active on social media platforms. Armaan Malik has 3.7 million followers on his Instagram page. On the other side, Kritika Malik has 8.4 million followers while Payal Malik has 3.7 million followers. The trio is giving the best couple of goals. In addition, their appearance in the latest season of Bigg Boss has attracted massive attention. Their fans are too excited to watch their drama in the show. Bigg Boss OTT season 3 is going to be a blockbuster as many famous and competitive contestants are coming to show their power. Keep following for more updates.

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