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Arbaaz Alam used to trap by becoming STNews WAALI

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There have been shocking revelations regarding Arbaaz Alam who was arrested in the case of the murder of a girl from the Sushila Hansda tribe in Sahibganj, Jharkhand. According to the reports, he has sold many tribal girls in different cities. He used to capture these women by calling himself ST. His wife Rehina is also from the tribal community. Before marriage, her name was Mislata Tudu. She is also said to have been instrumental in Arbaaz’s crimes.

On January 12, 2022, the burnt body of 26-year-old Sushila was found in the forest. About 14 months later, four including Arbaaz, his wife were arrested in this case. It was revealed that Arbaaz wanted to sell Sushila. When Sushila found out about this, she killed him first. Then put the dead body in the forest.

According to a Dainik Jagran report, Arbaaz has confessed his crime to the police. According to the reports, Arbaaz used to adopt many tactics to trap the women of the tribe. Used to tell herself about the community of women only. For this he also used social media. He had created profiles with several fake names. So far the police have got information about his names as Aryan Murmu, Aryan Soren and Aryan Hembram. According to the police, Arbaaz’s wife, Rehina alias Mislata, used to fully support her husband in his misdeeds.

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Rehina alias Mislata was married and had children. She married Arbaaz leaving her husband and children. Arbaaz changed his name after marriage. Gradually, she became involved in Arbaaz’s crimes as well. He is also currently in police custody. Sushila was also married and used to live separately from her husband. Arbaaz had also promised to marry Sushila.

During the investigation Jharkhand Police has also released 2 tribal girls who were already sold by Arbaaz. Both were sold to people much older than them in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. One rescued girl is from Dumka district and the other from Godda. He was trying to get Sushila a deal for 50 thousand rupees.

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