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Appeals for Muslims to boycott Israel dates in Ramadan 2023 know what snm is all aboutNews WAALI

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Organizers of a new boycott campaign in the UK have called on Muslims to boycott Israeli dates during Ramadan. According to Arab News, on Saturday, Friends of Al-Aqsa (FOA), a non-governmental organization based in Great Britain, started this boycott campaign. He said Muslims across Europe should check fruit labels and avoid purchase dates.

“By not buying Israeli dates this Ramadan, the Muslim community can send a clear and strong message of condemnation against Israel’s illegal occupation and apartheid in Palestine,” said Shami Al-Zardar of Friends of Al-Aqsa.

The FOA statement said that Israel is the largest producer of a particular type of date in the world. 50% of Israeli dates are exported to Europe, they are sold in large European markets and stores. In 2020, the UK imported 3,000 tonnes of dates from Israel worth around $8.9 million, the FOA statement said. In such a case, the boycott of his dates will be heavy on Israel.

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The FOA also said in the statement that Israel has killed 62 Palestinians, including 13 children, so far this year. He said the Israeli government was demolishing houses at an alarming rate and expanding illegal settlements. The FOA has urged international human rights organisations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, that Israel is committing the crime of genocide and that European countries have failed to impose sanctions on Israel and uphold international law.

Shami al-Zardar said to boycott his dates this Ramadan and that it is time to impose sanctions on Israel. We must remember that we are stronger as a community. By not buying Israeli dates we can raise our voice to the world through this law.

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