16 July 2024
Apex Legends

The free-to-play hero shooter game Apex Legends is currently having technical issues as several users have reported outage issues from different parts of the country. In addition, the online outage tracking portal, Down Detector, also has shown an increasing number of outrage reports submitted by Apex Legends players. Nevertheless, a large number of Apex Legends users also have taken to social media to share their experiences of facing inconvenience while playing games on Apex Legends. There are innumerable users of Apex Legends, who are seeking troubleshooting steps to fix the problem and enjoy the seamless experience of playing the hero shooter game. If you are also one of those, you need to go through the article to the end as we have explained what you can do in case of facing an error while playing the Apex Legends game. Be sticky with this page and take a peek below. Scroll down.

On Saturday, June 22, 2024, in the evening at around 5:45 PM EDT, the online outage tracking website Down Detector shared its report that more than 13oo users of Apex Legends have complained of server and login issues, confirming the widespread server issues and outage of Apex Legends. After facing errors while connecting to the server and logging in to their account, the users took to their social media handles and tagged Apex Legends in their posts reporting the outage. Has Apex Legends responded to its users’ outage reports? Take a peek at the next section to learn this.

As per the reports, Apex Legends has not yet responded to the outage claims made by its users on social media. However, many also shared screenshots of their device’s screen prompting server and login errors. Despite hundreds of complaints about outages and server issues, Apex Legends has neither issued any notification for its users nor confirmed when will this issue be resolved. Thus, many Apex Legends players remained in a frenzy if they were the only ones to face login errors or if others were also facing the same problem. Showing their frustration for being disconnected unknowingly from games midway, a player of Apex Legends stated that Apex Legends servers are having issues please fix the problem. Another wrote that is he alone for facing the Apex Legends login server down or everyone else is experiencing the same? By 9 PM EDT on Saturday, June 22, 2024, thousands of players had reported the server issues. However, the number of reports dropped to 700 at around 7 AM but soared back to 1200 at 9 PM.

Users who were playing Apex Legends on PS5 also reported the outage issues and said Apex Legends kicked them out mid-game and they could not get past the main title screen. In the midst of speculations about Apex Legends outage, a user also anticipated that if they are going to get a new update of Apex Legends. Despite a large influx of complaints by Apex Legends users, the company did not issue any notification to address the issue. However, you can follow our suggested troubleshooting steps to fix login and server connectivity errors on Apex Legends.

First of all, you need to check if the application of Apex Legends you are using is up to date, if not kindly download its latest version. After ensuring the updated version of Apex Legends, you have to clear the cache memory of your application which will delete the junk files. After that, reboot your device and reopen the Apex Legends app. If you still face the same error, then contact the developing team of the video game.

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