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AP News: Why doesn’t CM Jagan follow that tradition?: Ramesh NaiduNews WAALI

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AP News: Why doesn't CM Jagan follow that tradition?: Ramesh Naidu

Amravati: BJP state secretary Nagothu Ramesh Naidu said that if CM Jaganmohan Reddy (CM Jagan) going to Tirumala Brahmotsavam does not take his wife Bharti with him then he has no faith in Hindu traditions. Speaking to the media here on Tuesday, he wanted the chief minister to sign a declaration of faith in Hinduism. Jagan, who visited the Visakha Sharda Peeth and the Hyderabad Jeer Peeth, said that if Tirumala Swami did not take his wife to his Brahmotsava, the Hindu community would not trust his visits to the Peeths and would recognize him as an idolater.

Ramesh Naidu questioned that till now all Chief Ministers used to go to Brahmotsav with their wives and why CM Jagan is not following that tradition. They want CM Jagan to sign a declaration that he believes in Hindu traditions. TTD officials also want to follow the tradition. Sonia Gandhi, Abdul Kalam and many idolaters have signed the declaration and asked why Jagan didn’t. Does that mean you don’t believe in Hindu traditions? said Tying a Shivling to a YCP seat in Kakinada district is proof of his deprivation. It is clear how much respect the YCP has for Hinduism. Ramesh Naidu said that even after this incident, the video of tying a rope to the Shivling is going viral, but no action has been taken against anyone.

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