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Anthropic introduces ‘Claude’ ChatGPT opponentNews WAALI

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San Francisco, Mar 15 () Anthropic, the artificial intelligence company founded by former OpenAI members, has introduced its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ‘Claude’ which will compete against ChatGPT.

“Claude is a next-generation AI assistant based on Anthropic’s research to train useful, honest and harmless AI systems,” the company said in a blog post on Tuesday.

The new chatbot is available via a chat interface and API in the company’s developer console, and is capable of performing a wide variety of chat and text processing tasks while maintaining a high level of reliability and predictability.

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“Claude can help with use cases including summarizing, searching, creative and collaborative writing, Q&A, coding, and more,” he added.

The company introduced two versions of Claude – Claude and Claude Instant.

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Claude is a top class high performance model, on the other hand, Claude Instant is a lighter, less expensive and much faster option.

The company further mentioned that it plans to roll out even more updates in the coming weeks.

“As we develop these systems, we will continually work to make them more useful, honest, and harmless as we learn more from our security research and use,” he added.


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