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Baba Dawud Khaki refers to him in his Wirt al-Muridin and says that under the guidance of Sheikh Hamzah Makdhoomi, Khwajah Hasan tasted the taste of the remembrance of Allah that enlightened his heart and soul.

The love of Almighty Allah, the Gracious and Merciful, had entered the inner depths of his heart and soul. At the direction of his mentor, he settled in a village called Hardushiva, Zaingair Sopore. There he led a large number of people on the Sufi path. He did not accept gifts or money from people who came to receive his blessings. Whatever came to him was distributed among the poor and needy.

Hazrat Khaja Hassan Qari (RA) was also a good scholar. His “Rahat ul Talibeen” is one of the masterpieces. This book not only deals with the life of his mentor, Hazrat Sheikh Hamzah Makdhoomi (RA), but also explores a number of mystical facts and principles of Tasawwuf. Furthermore, Rahat al-Talibeen is a subtle exploration of the various paths and practices followed by seekers on the Sufi path.

The author of “tazkir ul Afireen” writes that his ecclesiastical master of the mint gave him the task of carrying water for his kitchen. This kitchen served food for two hundred Sufi saints. Among them, Hazrat Mir Baba Hadar Tulmuli (RA) deserves a special mention. From whom Hazrat Khawaja Hassan Qari (RA) benefited a lot. It is said that he was very fond of the book “Saluk ul Murqabat” by Hazrat Baba Haider Tulmuli and kissed every page of this book daily.

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Under the direction of his mentor Hazrat Sheikh Hamzah Makdhoomi, he spent his last days in Hadushiva, Zaingair Sopore.

Khawaj Hassan Qari has also written Sufi poetry. The author of Tazkir ul Murshadeen writes that Khawaja Hassan Qari wrote the history of Kashmir. As a history student, I first learned that a Sufi saint wrote the history of Kashmir. The historian Hassan writes that this story is not available here. His pen and ink is preserved at Oxford University of UK.

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