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Along with the Sanatan Commission, a journalists’ commission should also be formed – MahamandaleshwarNews WAALI

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SN Shyam/Anmol Kumar

Semalia (Kalu Kheda) Madhya Pradesh

1008 Mahamandaleshwar Madhusudhananand Ji Maharaj of Maa Annapurna Shaktipeeth Kamakhya Dham has said that disunity in the name of religion is fatal for the benefit of the nation. Along with the establishment of the Sanatan Aayog, he also demanded that the government form a Commission of Journalists for the overall development of journalists and media personnel. Mahamandaleshwar said that the identity of Sanatan Dharma is one country, one constitution and one idea. When saffron color dominates from Red Fort to the Parliament of India and every house in India, only then the whole of India will be called Vishwa Guru. Madhusudhananand Ji Maharaj was addressing journalists from across the country on the last day of the three-day 73rd National Conference of the Federation of Working Journalists of India organized at the Shaktipeeth building.

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Mahamandaleshwar Madhusudnanand ji said that no one has the right to point fingers at religion. Everyone who lives in India is Sanatani. He said that some people are talking about transforming India into America and Japan. By the way, my message to the people is that instead of making India America, Japan, when the whole world is made like India, only then India will be called Vishwa Guru. They believe that every person living in India is a Hindu, and a Hindu never believes in violence. He said that some people are dividing religion in the name of Sanatan. Conversion goes for rent, the work of religion is not to cut but to add. Saints and monks do not destroy religious ideas but unite them.
Mahamandaleshwar said that those who tried to break Sanatan were reduced to ashes. Anyone who tried to divide religion was completely destroyed from this earth.
About 150 journalists / media personnel from 17 states across India including Bihar participated in this national press conference. Senior journalists from Bihar SN Shyam, Awadhesh Kumar Sharma, Prabhat Kumar and journalists from Jharkhand Kundan Pandey and Dharmendra Kumar also participated enthusiastically.

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