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Allah Bahara Hai Kya… The BJP leader’s explanation after giving a statement gave voice to public sentiment. karnataka bjp leader explains his controversial statement on azanNews WAALI

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BJP leader KS Eshwarappa made this statement while addressing a public meeting on Sunday.

Allah Bahara Hai Kya… BJP leader's explanation after giving statement - giving voice to public sentiment

Senior BJP leader and former minister KS Eshwarappa

Image Credit Source: PTI

Karnataka In BJP Recently a leader had created a new controversy by giving an unpleasant statement on Ajan. In fact, senior BJP leader and former minister KS Eshwarappa asked on the use of loudspeakers at the time of Azaan if Allah is deaf and need to use loudspeakers to call him. After the debate arose on his statement, he has now given an explanation.

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He explained in this matter on Monday, and said that he did not mean to condemn the religion but to give voice to the feelings of the public in general. He said, exams are happening. The students who sit to study for the exam are completely distracted on hearing this (Azaan). It is true that I asked if Allah cannot hear or is he deaf. Someone should give voice to the public’s feelings, that’s why I asked. This is not a condemnation of any religion. Allah can listen but these Muslims put 3-4 mikes and shout, will it go inside the ears of Allah?

What was the BJP leader’s statement?

In fact, senior BJP leader S Eshwarappa was addressing a public meeting on Sunday, when he heard Ajan’s voice. Eshwarappa said, “Wherever I go, (azaan) gives me a headache.” “The decision of the Supreme Court is about to come, if not today then tomorrow this Azaan call will end.”

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The BJP leader questioned whether Allah would listen to Namaz only if loudspeakers were used during Azaan. He said, “Women and girls offer prayers and bhajans in temples. We are religious, but we don’t use loudspeakers. If you have to offer namaz through a loudspeaker, it means that Allah is deaf.”

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