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All parties are doing political activities, our rally is banned: Imran KhanNews WAALI

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Chairman PTI Imran Khan says there is a threat to the lives of the Prime Minister and Home Minister, that’s why he is asking the Supreme Court for security. John is in danger from the Prime Minister and Home Minister , so he is seeking assurance from the Supreme Court because he does not trust the government Accusing the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, he said they were involved in the plot to kill me. Even before when I was attacked, I was telling him a month before that I was going to be attacked in the name of religious extremism and it happened. He said there is an atmosphere of terror in Pakistan at the moment, and we are all against it n. Those who are in danger from me have to save me.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that all parties are doing political activities in Lahore, but the caretaker government has banned only our rally. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan gave an interview to a foreign broadcaster. Hoya said that the way the Punjab caretaker government banned our party’s election rally. We were involved in about 80 cases, it shows that our party is not allowed to conduct an election campaign. Imran Khan said that Lahore. Mayor of all parties doing political activities but the caretaker government has only banned our rally. I ask whether we are allowed to conduct an election campaign or not because on the one hand 80 cases have been filed against me and cases are filed against the people of my party. If you want to launch a campaign, they don’t let you do that. Will PTI fight the next election without an election campaign?

Imran Khan while talking about the ban on PTI rally on March 8 and 12 by Punjab caretaker government said that now we are taking permission for the rally from Lahore High Court on Monday. He should decide whether this election will be fought without an election campaign He said that now there is less time left for the state assembly elections and in this regard he will give his full plan regarding the election meetings soon In response to the question of appearing in court in cases against him, Imran Khan accused the government and said that I have no problem in appearing in court in cases against him, but my life is in danger, so seek protection from the court, and if she cannot give this assurance, allow her to appear by video conference.

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The PTI Chairman further said that my lawyers will appear in Tosha Khana’s court hearing in Islamabad on Monday. The Ministry of Interior has clearly said that my life is in danger and I am asking the court if life is in danger, give assurance.


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