16 July 2024

The fans of NewJeans are celebrating another milestone achieved by the globally acclaimed girl group for its unique style, distinct music, powerful performances, and delightful music videos.

Here we are talking about the impressive achievement of NewJeans that all albums released so far have surpassed 1 million copies sold. Yes, you read that right, NewJeans’s every album released to date, has sold more than 1 million copies, which is a phenomenal and unrealistic fact.

Not to mention, NewJeans is one of the most consistent girl groups in the landscape of K-pop, which has been delivering superhits one after one. Meanwhile, NewJeans solidified its position in the ever-evolving and vast landscape of K-pop, with this achievement. NewJeans is now one of the most popular K-pop girl groups.

NewJeans Makes K-Pop History

To loud this achievement of NewJeans, we have discussed it in detail in the following sections where you will find the exact details of the number of album copies sold by NewJeans. Keep reading this article for more details.

As mentioned, NewJeans has been continuously rising to fame and growing its fanbase every single minute. So far, NewJeans has released several albums, indicating its consistency, catchy music, and engaging performances.

The members of NewJeans have solidified their positions as well through the success of the group which is now one of the most popular K-pop girl groups. All subsequent releases of NewJeans, have surpassed 1 million copies sold.

According to NewJeans Charts’s official post shared on X formerly Twitter on July 4, 2024, 1st EP titled “New Jeans” has sold 1,614,619 copies, OMG album sold 1,685,342 copies, 2nd EP titled “Get Up” sold 2,148,676 copies, How Sweet album sold 1,121,287 copies, and album “Supernatural” sold 1,021,730 copies so far. The total number of NewJeans album copies sold so far is 7,591,654 or 7.5 million. Swipe down the page and read more details.

NewJeans debut EP titled “New Jeans” sold 1,614,619 copies and quickly reached the 1 million mark, showcasing NewJeans’ potential from the beginning. After the first EP, the group’s second album, “OMG,” further solidified the presence of NewJeans in the K-pop industry by continuing the trend by selling 1,685,342 copies.

The girl group’s second EP, “Get Up,” was more successful than the previous EP and album, as Get Up sold 2,148,676 copies. Subsequent single tracks “Supernatural” and “How Sweet” also achieved the one million milestone, by selling¬† 1,021,730 and 1,121,287 copies.

Celebrating NewJeans’ achievement of having one million plus copies sold, one K-netizen stated on social media that NewJeans has a really good public image, amazing mass appeal, and support from the broader audience. He hoped the girl group continue to succeed.

This is impressive and amazing, all their albums have sold over 1 million copies. Many celebrities also lauded the success of NewJeans and celebrated the achievement of surpassing one million copies sold for all of their albums. The South Korean K-pop group also celebrated this achievement with their fans by sharing a post on Instagram where the group has over 12.4 million followers.

For the unversed, NewJeans is a K-pop group that is formed under ADOR and HYBE Labels. It consists of a total of five members, Hyein, Haerin, Danielle, Hanni, and Minji. NewJeans debuted with their single track titled “Attention” which was released on July 22, 2022, while their debut EP (Extended Play) titled “NewJeans” was released on August 1, 2022.

Nevertheless, their debut single track Attention also packed at number 1 on the Circle Digital Chart of South Korea. NewJeans achieved commercial success with their first single album “OMG” which earned the group widespread recognition among the enthusiasts of K-pop. Stay tuned to this website.

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