15 July 2024
Akil 'Sonny' McLeod

The search for Gerber Baby for its annual photo came to an end on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, when it announced Akil ‘Sonny’ McLeod as the new face of the iconic brand. Yes, you read that right, Akil ‘Sonny’ McLeod is the winner of Gerber Baby’s 14th annual photo search. Since Gerber Baby announced Akil McLeod aka Sonny as its new face for 2024, the one-year-old cute baby has become the major talking point in society as he has achieved so many things at the age of just 1. Nevertheless, the mother of Sonny also expressed her happiness on Sonny being selected as the winner of the 14th annual photo search of Gerber Baby, a renowned brand. Meanwhile, upon hearing about the prize money won by Akil ‘Sonny’ McLeod, netizens have become keen to learn who is this baby. To cater to their queries about Akil ‘Sonny’ McLeod, we have poured in everything that is known about him. Keep reading this article.

Who Is Akil ‘Sonny’ McLeod?

On Tuesday, June 25, 2024, Gerber Baby officially announced that Akil McLeod is the winner of its 14th annual photo search. Akil McLeod is also fondly known as Sonny and he is just 1 year old as of now. Furthermore, Sonny hails from Arizona where he lives with his parents Dominque McLeaod and Akil McLeod Sr. However, Sonny is not the only child of his parents, as he also has an older sister in the family named Sage. While announcing Akil ‘Sonny’ McLeod as the winner of Gerber Baby’s 14th annual photo search, the brand described Akil ‘Sonny’ McLeod as a lover of his squishy ABC book, and toy cars, and enjoys watching football with his family.

After Akil ‘Sonny’ McLeod was announced as the winner of Gerber Baby’s 14th annual photo search, his mother Dominque McLeod expressed her happiness in front of the media by saying that it is a pleasure to witness Akil ‘Sonny’ McLeod reach so many milestones every day such as laughing, having new foods, standing up, and others. With his lively persona, Akil ‘Sonny’ McLeod makes happy everyone around him. He has become a beacon of life in the lives of his parents. Dominque also stated that it is the best way she could have imagined to celebrate Akil ‘Sonny’ McLeod’s first birthday after being announced as the winner of Gerber Baby 2024. Apparently, the parents of Sonny are very excited and looking forward to spreading their son’s charming grin to households throughout the country by working with Gerber. They are ready for all the adventures in their lives ahead.

Speaking of the prize that Akil ‘Sonny’ McLeod received on being announced as the winner of Gerber Baby 2024, he and his family received a new outfit from Gerber Childrenswear and an offer of free goods for up to a year along with a whopping cash prize of $25000. According to the reports, other children’s brands will also reward him. Besides receiving a cash prize, a free outfit from Gerber Childrenswear, and free Gerber goods products for up to a year, Akil ‘Sonny’ McLeod will also be featured in the marketing videos and photos of Gerber, which will be shared on social media platforms may culminate nationwide fame and prominence for Akil ‘Sonny’ McLeod.

Arizona boy, Akil McLeod aka Sonny was selected Gerber Baby of the Year by the past Gerber Babies’ parents and brand’s staff members. Alongside Akil McLeod, ten other babies were also named for Inchstone milestones. The memories of these babies will be shared throughout the year on Gerber’s official social media account. Stay tuned.

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