13 July 2024
Ajay Ghosh

Ajay Ghosh is the best actor and comedian better known for his works in Telugu cinema and theatre. He is also popular for his outstanding performance in Pushpa: The Rise and one more time the actor is ready to entertain his fans with his upcoming movie Music Shop Murthy. Music Shop Murthy is a Telugu comedy-drama movie and Siva Paladugu directed this movie. Now the movie has been gaining huge attention from the people as they know that it will be more interesting and entertaining. Now many people must be keen to know about Music Shop Murthy and Ajay Ghosh’s interview. In this article, we will cover all the important details about the news.

Music Shop Murthy’ Trailer Released, Ajay Ghosh Promises a Heart-Touching Film

Music Shop Murthy Telugu movie set to be released on the big screen on 14 June 2024, Friday. So now fans’ wait is going to be over as only one day left to release the movie. Now many people must be keen to know about the movie’s cast. The movie’s cast stars are Ajay Ghosh, Amit Sharma, Bhanu Chander, Chandini Chowdary, Aamani, and Dayanand Reddy. The makers hosted a media interaction and the whole cast and crew attended the event and made it a grand triumph. But the highlighting of the evening was Ajay Ghosh, who plays the main lead in the upcoming movie Music Shop Murthy. Ajay Ghosh plays the lead role in this movie. In the interview actor Ajay Ghosh spoke about the film Music Shop Murthy is a heart-touching film that will impress one and all. In the article, you will get the full information about the news.

Meanwhile, the actor also said, “I am sure you will love the movie. I am openly disclosing my mobile number to you, and if anyone does not like the movie, you can call and abuse me as you like”. The actor also adds the moment he heard the story, he linked to it in a big way. As he faced so many problems himself in his life, being from a lower middle-class family, the character was quite easy to act. Telugu actress Chandini Chowdary plays the female main lead in the movie, and speaking about her, Ajay states that she is a gifted actress and came the hard way in her profession. In The Music Shop Murthy plays the role of Anjana and her character drives the story and the scenes between me and Chandini are quite winning in the movie.

Siva Paladugu directed this movie and the trailer of the movie has been released it grabbed the huge attention of the viewers. Speaking about the script, the actor states how Siva has managed the emotions that a family goes through when the father, at age 50, says he wants to become a DJ and has been showcased superbly. The actor Ajay Ghosh is popular for playing especially negative roles in the movies and adds that this movie is a coming-of-age family drama that is contemporary and relatable to many. You are on the right page for more information about the movie.

The actor stated Music Shop Murthy will not be disappointed one bit, and word of mouth will surely bring more audience to the theatres. The movie is going to be released on Friday, 14 June 2024. The movie cast members are very talented and they always perform their best to entertain fans. The makers have also locked a lucrative OTT. Here we have shared all the information that we had. If we get any information about the movie we will update you as soon as possible. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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