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AICC President – Take charge of AndhrajyotiNews WAALI

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Take charge of the AICC President

  • Take the party forward..
  • TPCC resolution demands Rahul
  • Sonia responsible for selection of TPCC chief and AICC members: Another resolution

Hyderabad, September 21 (Andhra Jyoti): The TPCC general meeting asked AICC leader Rahul Gandhi to contest the party’s presidential election and take responsibility as AICC president and take the country forward. To this extent the resolution was approved. It is known that the TPCC structural elections have been going on for a few months now. As a part of which the election process has been completed from block level to TPCC member level. The final step in this process is the selection of TPCC President, Executive Committee and AICC members. For this purpose, Telangana Pradesh Congress Election Officer Rajamohan Unnithan and APRO Raja Bhagal organized a meeting of the newly elected TPCC members at a function hall here on Wednesday. CLP leader Bhatti Wickremarka moved a resolution handing over the power to AICC president Sonia Gandhi to nominate or elect TPCC president, working group and AICC members. That resolution was passed by former PCC chiefs Uttam Kumar Reddy, Ponala Lakshmaiah, V. Hanmant Rao strengthened. The resolution was later unanimously approved by a meeting of new members of the TPCC. Rajamohan Unnithan announced that the TPCC election process has been completed and he will submit the resolution to the Chairman of the AICC Election Management Committee. Also, when Revanth Reddy moved a resolution asking Rahul Gandhi to lead the country by taking charge of AICC President, TPCC Campaign Committee Chairman Madhuyashki Goud, Working Presidents Mahesh Kumar Goud, Anjan Kumar Yadav, Geeta Reddy, MLC Jeevan Reddy, TPCC Election Management Committee. was Chairman Damodara Rajnar Singh, Former Minister Shabbir Ali, V. Hanamantha Rao and former MLC Ramulu Naik strengthened. All these resolutions were unanimously approved in the meeting of new members of TPCC. Speaking about this year, Rajamohan Unnithan revealed that Karnataka stood first and Telangana second in the party’s digital membership registration. Revanth Reddy said that while BJP is inciting hatred in people to break the country, Rahul Gandhi is marching to save the country from crisis.

Best Regards Revanth, V.H

The courtyard became the stage for the soulful greeting of Revanth and VH like salt and fire. On his way to Gandhi Bhavan, he saw VH at Revanth Gate and got down from the car.

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